Defense Minister of Greece: I’ll Send Hordes of Third Worlders and Jihadists into Europe if Debt Crisis is Not Solved

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2015

Panos Kammenos. He means business.
Panos Kammenos. He means business.

Panos Kammenos, the defense minister of Greece, recently threatened Europe with tides of Third World cultural enrichers if they fail to solve Greece’s debt crisis.

The country has been mired in an economic recession and debt for quite some time, and they are attempting to receive more help from the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund as they struggle through their difficulties.


“If they deal a blow to Greece, then they should know the the migrants will get papers to go to Berlin,” he said.

“If Europe leaves us in the crisis, we will flood it with migrants, and it will be even worse for Berlin if in that wave of millions of economic migrants there will be some jihadists of the Islamic State too.”

“If they strike us, we will strike them. We will give to migrants from everywhere the documents they need to travel in the Schengen area, so that the human wave could go straight to Berlin,” he said.

Last week, Nikos Kotzias, the Greek foreign minister, also told a meeting of his EU colleagues that if Greece was forced out of the euro “there will be tens of millions of immigrants and thousands of jihadists”.

EU officials have been so concerned by the Greek threats that the European Commission last week sought “assurances… that no measures to open up detention centres are being taken”.

Britain would not be as badly hit as Germany if Greece opened its frontier with Turkey as it has retained border controls but the Greek threat would place extra pressure on crossings such as Calais and increase the overall terror threat for all Europe.