Denmark: Police Investigate Facebook Posts Which Could Hurt the Feelings of Moslems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2015

Maybe non-Whites and women should just stay off the internet.  That really would solve all of these problems.
Maybe non-Whites and women should just stay off the internet. That really would solve all of these problems.

Though Denmark is more open to the concept of maintaining national identity than most all other European countries, they are still under an oppressive anti-White occupation.

In the area of East Jutland, police are presently investigating more than 40 Facebook posts which may contain “hate speech” directed at child-raping Moslem terrorists.

For those who don’t know, “hate speech” is any form of speech that could potentially hurt the feelings of inferior persons.

Copenhagen Post:

Following a report of the ugly words that were filed in January, police are now attempting to identify and question whoever is behind the comments.

Comments have included suggestions that mosques should be bombed. Police are attempting to find out if the statements are serious and constitute actual threats.

Police said that charges will definitely be filed – the only question is whether they will be against one or more people.

“The wording of some of the comments is actionable,” Torben Thygesen from East Jutland Police told Jyllands-Posten.

Thygesen said that the comments could both be construed as threats and violations of the racism clause in the Criminal Code, which prohibits public insults.

If they are really threats of violence, then I suppose that is fair enough. We must have order in our society, and people shouldn’t be able to run around threatening to blow things up.

The thing is, I have a hard time believing there were actual threats. This is so often just tacked on to “hate speech” investigations to make them seem less ridiculous. Along with this, “violent threats” are violent threats, whereas “hate speech” is speech which hurts feelings. There is constantly an attempt by Western authorities to confuse the two concepts in people’s minds, as we see the Danish authorities doing here, by talking about “hate speech” and then mentioning bomb threats.

Threatening to blow things up has always been illegal in civilized countries, and “hate speech” is a new concept that was brought in to stop people from complaining about their country being invaded by non-Whites or completely destroyed by Jews.

It is also notable that while Whites are hunted down for what usually amount to jokes about violence – often made by teenagers – Moslems continually threaten violence on the internet and rarely suffer consequences. This is despite the fact that Moslems tend to follow through with their threats, whereas Whites tend to say them in jest or out of anger without any intention to carry them out.