Did Nigel Just Sell Out on Immigration?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2015

Nigel, the only reason anyone cares about you is that you said you were going to reduce immigration.
Nigel, the only reason anyone cares about you is that you said you were going to reduce immigration.  Please, stay focused.

Nigel Farage has apparently officially dropped his stated number of 50,000 as a cap on immigration, saying instead he merely wants to return to “normality.”

The Guardian:

His u-turn throws the party’s stance on immigration into confusion on the day its leader is giving a flagship speech on the issue.

Just last Friday, Ukip’s immigration spokesman, Steven Woolfe, repeated the party’s policy that net migration would be capped at 50,000. But since then, David Cameron has come in for intense criticism for missing his 100,000 net migration target – with the actual figure almost three times that number.

Clarifying his policy, Farage said: “I’m not putting on caps or targets. You need to have more flexibility than that … You cannot have anything in politics without people obsessing over caps and targets and I think people are bored of it.”

However, he said the party’s plan for a five-year ban on unskilled immigrants meant the number would naturally be about 27,000.

He told the BBC: “I want to bring immigration to Britain back to normality – and normality from 1950 until nearly the year 2000, from Windrush onwards, normality was net migration into Britain which varied between about 20,000 and 50,000 a year. The effect of Ukip policies would be to bring us back to those kinds of numbers. Each year will be slightly different for obvious reasons, but what we’re pushing here represents a drastic cut.”

He added: “You can call it a target if you want to and I’m afraid the media’s obsession with targets is almost as bad as the political class’s obsession with targets and these don’t work … Let’s have a degree of flexibility. What we need to stop is the open door to unlimited numbers of unskilled migrants to coming to Britain because that’s where the problem is.”

I suppose that can be read as “50,000 might be too many,” but I am reading it differently. Without a number cap, you are not help to any standards (though Cameron has demonstrated that even with a number cap you aren’t held to any standards).

And really, it doesn’t even matter. If we are not talking about deportations, we are not talking about anything. Maybe 50,000 Romanians and Polish are capable of being absorbed, I guess, but I see no reason why you should even want to do that.

Still, Nigel’s policy of declaring that he would drastically drop the rate of immigration was a positive move, a move in the right direction, and I am unhappy to see him changing his position on it.