Don’t Hoax Me, Bro: Being on the Lookout for Disinfo

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2014

For the last week or so, we’ve been heavily attacking Alex Jones.  We attack him both because he covers up for the Jews and because he spreads idiot disinformation and ridiculous conspiracy gibberish.

Much of the conspiracy gibberish, however, has seeped into the Antisemitic movement, and this is not a good thing.

Over the last few days, several people have sent me a clip from a Red Ice Creations interview, where a woman is promoting one such ridiculous conspiracy theory, basing it on clear disinformation.

The woman, whose name I don’t actually know, quotes from an interview with an alleged rabbi Abe Finkelstein done by a Mr. James Wickstrom.  The interview is either satirical or purposeful disinformation.  It isn’t clear which.  Either way, it is interesting and entertaining, if you don’t take it seriously.

I know nothing about Wickstrom, save that he is a Christian Identity pastor who has been involved in the racialist movement for a long time.  He has a Talkshoe show.  He was associated with Richard Butler.

Anyway, presumably he would not claim this was a real interview with a rabbi.  The woman also claimed that Abe Foxman said something about a secret plan to destroy the Aryan race, which was completely made up and for which there is absolutely no source – not even a satire source.  I believe she may have drawn a quote from the fake Finkelstein interview and claimed Foxman said it.

This is very similar to an incident wherein a site called “Diversity Chronicle,” which is a satirical site which does fake interviews with liberal figures, published a fake interview with the Jew Professor Noel Ignatiev, and the fake interview was passed around the internet as if it was real, making us look stupid.  Ignatiev has said enough offensive things that there is no reason to lie about what he said.

Here are the things he actually said:

I suspect that this Diversity Chronicle site may be purposefully spreading the disinformation, as even after it was taken by what must have been thousands of people to be a real interview, the author of the blog has refused to attach a disclaimer to the top of the article.  The only disclaimer explaining that the site is satire is well hidden as a link in the about section.

I have many times seen Jews themselves promoting conspiracy theories about Jews, spreading disinformation which can be disproved in order to discredit those who are telling the truth.  This is similar to the way the 9/11 conspiracy – which is real – is discredited by those saying there weren’t any planes or that no one died.  We have dancing Israeli Mossad agents filming the attack.  We have CIA insider trading.  We have the fake Osama video.  We have Building 7.  We have the Odigo warning.  And so on.  We do not need any wacky theories.

The woman on the Red Ice interview was probably not purposefully spreading lies.  She just seemed very confused.

This is what happens when you imagine that the Jews have a secret plan like the Illuminati – you look for this fake information to justify your beliefs.  The problem seems to stem from a lack of an ability to understand that the Jews are biologically different from us, and thus do not need a secretive plan to do what they do.

They are not getting together in secret and discussing a plot to wipe out the White race.  At least I don’t think they are, given that I have zero reason to believe they are.  If they are planning some secret plan conspiracy, it is an incidental conspiracy, because the same thing would be happening if they were not.  It is in their genetics to destroy, just as it is in the genetics of White people to create.

Do White people need to meet in secret and plot a plan to build a civilization?  Or do certain groups of people get together and build things on their own, while other groups build things, and it all comes together to create a civilization?

There need not be a secret body of people explaining to architects and scientists and inventors and artists and professors and writers how to work together to create a great society – they all play their part, based on their genetic nature, without instruction from above by a secret group of conspiracy planners.

So it is with the Jews and the destruction of civilization.

The Jew does not have consciousness in the way White men do.  It acts on drives which are completely foreign to us.
The Jew does not have consciousness in the way White men do. It acts on drives which are completely foreign to us.

As we cannot imagine what it is like in the mind of a Jew, we project our own psychological make-up onto them.  For a group of White people to destroy a civilization, they would have to have overhead planning by a secret group, because otherwise they would not know what to do.  Destruction does not come naturally to us.

But the Jew is a completely different creature, with a completely different mind.

As long as we fail to understand this, we are constantly going to be looking for justifications for why they behave the way they do, and thus we will constantly be drawn to this conspiracy material that we might justify the Jews to ourselves.  It is, perhaps, simpler that way, but it is wrong, and it makes us look silly when we promote obvious disinformation.

Anyone who hears this Red Ice clip is going to be turned off by anything else we have to offer.  If real truth on the Jew problem is then given to them – and there is so very much of it – they will dismiss it, saying “oh, this is just like those people who say the Jews are putting sacrificed children in McDonald’s burgers.”

Instead of spreading crazy, fake conspiracy material, why not spread real quotes from the Jews on their genocide in Gaza?

Actual real quotes
Actual real quotes

Or how about quotes from their Talmud?

Actual real quotes
Actual real quotes

This information cannot be disagreed with.  It is documented fact.

Even if you choose to believe that the Jews have some secret plan that they are implementing, it seems to me that it makes exponentially more sense to focus on things you can prove beyond doubt over theories based on conjecture.

Jewish Conspiracies do Exist, But There is No Secret Plan

Jews do collaborate on conspiracy projects in secret, but this is not the same thing as a gigantic secret plan.

As I mentioned above, the Jews did in fact do 9/11.  That is as good of a place as any to look when trying to understand how they work.

When the towers were built by Whites (and a couple Asians), people came together to create something for a specific purpose.  So it was when the Jews destroyed the towers.  A group of Jews, some in Israel and some in the US, collaborated for the purpose of launching wars in the Middle East.

Carrying out an intelligence operation in order to initiate a war is categorically different than a secret plan to, say, destroy the White race, for several reasons.  Firstly, the scale is quite different.  Secondly, a plan to destroy the White race is so abstract that it has no clear purpose.  Jews are capable of controlling our societies and making money from us right now, they would have no reason to destroy our race.  They have reason to weaken it, but again, they do this on impulse, because of their evolutionary development as a parasite which benefits when the host is weakened.

Their actions, presently, will eventually destroy the White race if they are not stopped; this is a natural result of the parasitical behavior in its final stage – it kills the host.  As we have seen, they are killing themselves along with us.

When everything collapses in America due to the amount of non-Whites in the country, Jews will suffer immensely.  The hordes of savages will break down their doors first.  This behavior is counter-productive, but as Dr. William Pierce said, they just can’t help themselves.

Just as we’ve seen recently in Gaza.  The land there is not worth making the entire world hate them.  But they cannot help themselves.  They are like the Negroes presently rioting in St. Louis and burning down their own neighborhoods.  They have biological drives which they cannot resist, no matter how illogical they seem.

Not Blaming or Shaming

I know that many people reading this have unknowingly spread disinformation, possibly even one of the two items I’ve mentioned here.  I am not writing this to attack or shame you.  I will be the first to admit that I have fallen for many a hoax in my time looking for the truth of things, so I am in no position to be casting stones.

This is an important issue that needs addressed and that we need to deal with as a group.  Our goal is to liberate millions of our brothers and sisters from the clutches of Jewish control, and this is a psychological war.  We need to free their minds and their bodies will follow.  In order to do that, we must be constantly aware of how we present ourselves.

I also understand that many who read the site are still attached to the conspiracy theorist mode of thinking, and may even be offended by dismissal of it. Those who get involved in the conspiracy movement do so because they understand there are problems in our society, and so look to find answers.  Because it is only now that a real movement based on the ideas of Adolf Hitler is emerging on the internet, when people go looking for truth, they find the materials of Jones and others, and these concepts become lodged in their brains.

Again, I do not mean to offend.  I ask merely that you consider what I am saying, and work it through with an open mind.  The racial view of the Jewish problem – that endorsed by the likes of Adolf Hitler and Dr. William Pierce – is much older than the conspiracy/secret plan view, and it is based in science, rather than in conjecture.

Regarding Red Ice

Part of what disappointed me about the clip was that Heinrich of Red Ice did not question these obviously fake quotes.  I have been very happy with the recent direction this show has gone, and it is a shame to see them promoting this sort of thing.  However, just like me, Heinrich has gone through a series of transformations in his thinking, and it does take time to clear out all the nonsense.  Basically, the conspiracy movement is a Jewish psychological warfare program designed to destroy people’s conception of reality – the king of the scene being Alex “Jew Wife” Jones.

The recent Red Ice interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald was fantastic, and no doubt helped spread the message to a wider audience.
The recent Red Ice interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald was fantastic, and no doubt helped spread the message to a wider audience.

My hopes are high for Red Ice.  I very much like the style of the show, and I think it could continue to become more powerful and effective if it moves in the same direction it has been moving.  But it is necessary to point out flaws, and thoughtlessly accepting things like this woman said on his show is a serious flaw which needs addressed.

To Conclude

We must be vigilant.  We have an agenda.  This website and others like it do not exist for the purpose of promoting endless hobby-like discussion of various theories.  The goal is always political and social revolution, and the way toward this is by spreading a simple message which the masses are able to understand and connect with.

My hope is that we here at the Daily Stormer can set a tone, which spreads and overcomes the destructive actions of those who wish to turn the Antisemitic movement into a conspiracy discussion club.

Always, we must reflect on ourselves and then move forward, having become better.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin