Dutch Schools Stop Holohoax Indoctrination Because Moslems Say It’s Bullshit

Daily Slave
March 9, 2015

Many Moslems do not believe that 60 trillion Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz

This is yet another example of how the Jews are Jewing themselves and don’t seem to realize it.  The Jews lobby to bring in millions of Moslems into Europe thinking it will create chaos for White Europeans but at the same time these Moslems don’t buy into their retarded Holocaust hoax of wooden gas chambers, Jewish soap and other nonsense.

As a result of this, Dutch schools are refraining from indoctrinating children about this stupid Jew hoax.  This has caused Jews to cry because their identity is directly connected to this ridiculous lie.

Jewish Daily Forward:

The centrist Christian Union party held a roundtable discussion about Holocaust education with teachers and other professionals Wednesday in parliament in The Hague, The Algemeen Dagblad daily reported.“Holocaust survivor Bloeme Evers does not dare give guest lessons in some schools,” Arie Slob, the party’s parliamentary leader and a former history teacher, told the daily , describing the discussion. “I am horrified by this. It is unacceptable that 70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is growing.”

Among the teachers in attendance was Wissam Feriani, a social studies teacher who works at a vocational high school in Amsterdam where approximately half of the students are Muslim.

“The teacher says Jews, the pupils say Gaza,” said Feriani, who is Muslim. “The teacher says Holocaust, the pupils say it’s all bullshit.” In class, he adds, “It’s always the Jews’ fault. Some pupils say they [Jews] don’t belong. It’s difficult.” There are no available figures on the difficulties examined, the report said.