England: Over 1000 People Protest US Embassy Over Dead Terror-Ape

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2014

No they don't you stupid bitch.  We've been over this 6 million times.
No they don’t you stupid monkey bitch. We’ve been over this 6 million times.

So in England when 1,400 little girls get trafficked and gang-raped by Paki animals, nothing happens.

But if one stupid ape on the other side of the planet rushes a cop after robbing a liquor store and gets shot in self-defense, a thousand people take to the street and protest.

And most – at least half – of these protesters are White.

This simply provides more support for my previously held position that England should be immediately nuked before they spread this sick brain disease of “rape my kids Muslims that’s your right but a White man better never shoot a Black in self-defense in another country” across the whole world.

And yes, yes, yes I know, they have been brainwashed by Jew media and education since birth.  I am aware.  But at some point, if you are that pathetic and weak, you must be nuked.

It is the only way.

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Looking at these pictures again, as well as some other pictures of this protest on other sites, it is striking that almost all of the White people involved are women.

Again, people – women have no place in politics. That is what ultimately led to all of this. You would think women would be the ones to care about the gang-raped little girls, and yet here they are, supporting a dead criminal from the race most responsible for all forms of violence against women after having been completely lock-lipped on the Paki child-rape epidemic.

Women who do not have children are not serious people. They are like men who don’t have any form of work. They are lacking in basic purpose, and so cannot possibly be taken as anything other than a silly joke and a waste of space.