EU Backs Black Buttlovers, Says They Don’t Have to Prove They Love Butts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2014

"Cragga I lubs du dat mansecks n da butt.  Yall bes bees leddin me upindat betch sos ah cin du dat azz." -Black people explaining that they need inside of Europe so they can have gay sex there
“Cragga I lubs du dat mansecks n da butt. Yall bes bees leddin me upindat betch sos ah cin du dat azz.” -Black people explaining that they need inside of Europe so they can have gay sex there

The European Jewnion’s highest court has declared that buttloving Black invaders who claim they need asylum in Europe so they are free to practice their anal behaviors without fear of prosecution will no longer have to undergo tests to prove they are faggots.


Three men, including a Ugandan and one from a Muslim country, failed in their bids for asylum when a Dutch court said they had not proved their sexuality.

EU states including the UK have been criticised for their handling of gay asylum requests.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) says they must respect human dignity.

Its rulings apply to all EU member states.

The case is significant across the EU because of a surge in the numbers of sub-Saharan Africans seeking asylum in Europe this year. Most African countries treat homosexuality as a crime.

The Czech authorities were criticised by the UN, EU and human rights activists in 2011 for using an erection or “phallometric” test – a practice dating back to communist times – to determine whether certain asylum seekers were gay.

In its latest ruling, the Luxembourg-based court said that determining a refugee’s sexuality had to be consistent with EU law and respect their private and family life.

In particular, it said that evidence of homosexual acts submitted from tests or on film infringed human dignity, even if it was proposed by the asylum applicant. Allowing such evidence could result in it becoming a requirement, the court said.

While authorities could interview an asylum seeker to find out about their sexual orientation, questions could not be asked about their sexual practices.

Putting aside the obvious fact that this is going to be abused to no end, with anyone who wants out of their hellhole African cesspit claiming they love it in the butt, let’s think about how bizarre it is that you would allow people to come to your country so they could have gay sex.

It is hard to even comment on the level of endemic, systematic insanity we are dealing with here.  It is simply incomprehensible.

We are living inside of a schizophrenic’s worst nightmare.

A nightmare he had after eating a whole sheet of LSD.

Wait... wtf?
Wait… wtf?

Can you even begin to comprehend it?

Just imagine how fast it has gone.  Less than a generation ago, faggotry was still considered a mental illness.

But everything is insane.  Look at Cigar Thief brood mama getting investigated for armed robbery the same week she spoke at the UN.  Look at Chief Negro simply decreeing that millions of Mexicans are now Americans.  Look at Jewland openly imprisoning immigrants while Jews in America openly demand all non-Whites come to America.  Look at the footage of Malayasia plane Ukraine being shot down from the air, then look at absolutely no one talking about it.  Look at Muslims out on the street in England cutting people’s heads off and demanding Sharia law and the Prime Minister saying it is a religion of peace regardless of what is actually written in their holy book.  Look at how many times these people are saying “religion of peace.”  Look at Blacks claiming to be victims while they’re getting everything for free from us and wiping us out on the streets – at look at the entire establishment saying they’re right.  Look at Whites in England supporting them while saying absolutely f*ck all about 1,400 little girls getting trafficked and repeatedly gang-raped by immigrants.  Look at women claiming they are “not interested in having children.”  Look at people getting arrested for calling a Jew “Jew.”

Look at all of it.

It is all simply unbelievable. It is like I am dreaming, and going to wake up soon and everything will go back to the way it was when I was a kid.

The only place I ever see any logic among people is in the comments section of the Daily Stormer.

I can’t hardly even take it anymore.