European Media Declares 16th Century Dutch Naval Flag to be a “Nazi Symbol”

October 2, 2013

The new face of Nazi flags.
The new face of Nazi flags.

The Dutch media has exploded with fake claims that members of Geert Wilder’s PVV are using a “Nazi symbol, or “Nazi linked flag.”

The claim is completely false and none the media outlets are even showing what the so-called “Nazi linked flag” even is.

The symbol in question is the “Princes’ Flag,” which has been used on again off again by Dutch people since 1587. It was originally used on Dutch ships as a naval ensign.

Two PVV members of the European Parliament flew the flag in their offices. The media is calling it a “Nazi linked flag” based on the fact that one of numerous political groups to use it over a period of hundreds of years was a pro-Nazi Dutch party in the 1930s.

The flag is also the basis for the flags of New York City, Albany, and Nassau County in New York. The flag was also used by the Dutch East India Trading Company.

The bogus accusations by the far-left media simply demonstrate how desperate they are.