Excommunicated! Vatican Expels Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò! Punished Viganò Lives!

The Vatican had a court session with the Good Cardinal.

They handed him a tube of lube and told him to bend over.

He slapped it out of their hands!

The Good Cardinal rides for Jesus! They’re not sticking anything up his ass! They’re not injecting him with that DNA abortion juice!

He was found guilty of S C H I S M.

This is the beginning. It has already begun.

The Guardian:

The Vatican has excommunicated its former ambassador to the US, after finding him guilty of schism, an inevitable end for the firebrand conservative who became one of Pope Francis’ most ardent critics.

The Vatican’s doctrine office imposed the penalty on Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò after a meeting of its members on Thursday and informed him of its decision on Friday, a press statement said.

It cited Viganò’s “refusal to recognise and submit to the supreme pontiff, his rejection of communion with the members of the church subject to him, and of the legitimacy and magisterial authority of the second Vatican council.”

In other words: he’s right about everything.

The Vatican excommunication means that Viganò is formally outside the church, and cannot celebrate or receive its sacraments, for having committed one of the gravest crimes in canon law: schism.

Schism is considered particularly dangerous to the faith because it threatens the unity of the church. Viganò had created a following of like-minded conservatives and traditionalists over the years as he delved deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic and what he called the “great reset”, plus other fringe ideas.

Viganò knew the schism declaration was coming after the Vatican informed him that it was launching a penal process against him last month. He called it “an honour” and refused to appear in person or in writing to defend himself.

Viganò, who issued a lengthy public statement last month justifying his conduct, didn’t directly respond to the schism declaration on X, his usual forum. About an hour before the Vatican decree was made public, he announced he would be celebrating a mass on Friday for those who had been supporting him and asked for donations.

In the dream scenario, Viganò declares himself Pope, and claims that Francis is an antipope.

More than likely though, he’s just going to join one of the existing sedevacantist groups.

But the ultimate move would be to say “actually, I’m the real Pope, and it’s time for all the Faithful to choose between me and this gay creep with the pagan idols and the abortion injections.”

Regardless of what he does personally, the schism has begun.

It was never viable to have an anal pope. That was never going to work. People kept saying “oh he’s not really an anal pope,” but then he came out and was like “oh yes I am.”

Now, we wait.

The future of the Catholic Church might be in the hands of Cardinal Carlo Maria Viganò.

There’s no reason for him to hold back now.