Final Nail: London Mayor Wants More Immigration to Already Swamped England

October 26, 2013

Boris Johnson has a highly punchable face.
Boris Johnson has a highly punchable face.

The Mayor of London said that as the “descendant of immigrants” he believes that “talented people” who have something to offer should be allowed to settle in the UK.

Mr Johnson has always made his positive views on legal immigration known, however, his comments will shock some on the Right of the Tory party.

The Mayor has in recent months clashed with the Government over visa restrictions for foreigners and welcomed an announcement earlier this month by George Osborne, who said he wanted to make it easier for Chinese people to visit the UK.

Mr Johnson wants ministers to look at similar relaxations for other foreign countries to ensure that tourists continue to visit Britain.

Speaking on Wednesday at Mayor’s Question Time in City Hall, Mr Johnson repeated his assertion that Britain must be “tough on illegal immigration”.

However, he said: “I’m probably about the only politician I know of who is actually willing to stand up and say that he’s pro-immigration.”

“I believe that when talented people have something to offer a society and a community they should be given the benefit of the doubt,” Mr Johnson added.

Some backbenchers have voiced the opinion that Mr Johnson is the only Conservative capable of combating the threat to the Tories from the UK Independence Party.

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