First Negress: “The Blood of Africa Runs Through My Veins”

Daily Stormer
August 5, 2014

Speaking to a group of young Africans who were for some reason in Washington DC enriching our culture, the mannish and apelike First Lady of America declared that the “blood of Africa” runs through her veins.  This is the equivalent of saying “despite all of the shiney and jangly things I have acquired from the White man, I am still a stone age primitive.”

Veins in which the blood of Africans flows:

“If I had a son, he would look like the boy washing his face in cow piss on that National Geographic video.” –Barack Obama, President of America

I am not even looking down on the jungle people.  But being proud of having the blood of such peoples in you veins while pretending to be some sort of symbol of progress and development is nonsensical.

As a side – what do you guys think would happen if a White government official gave a speech to Germans and said “the blood of old Germania flows through my veins”?

I think a lot of Jews would begin crying.