Foregin Minister: Britain Ready to Leave the EU

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2014

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

The UK’s Foreign Minister has indicated that they are ready to pull out of the EU if they don’t get the immigration reform they are asking for.

Philip Hammond, Speaking Friday, declared they were ready to walk away from immigration reform negotiations if they kept getting pushed around by Germany, indicating they would also be prepared to exit the bloc entirely.

Hammond told the Daily Telegraph that the British people had a right to vote to end the country’s membership, saying such a vote would not be called unless Brussels continued to block all attempt to stop the flood of poor Eastern Europeans into the UK.


Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in-out referendum for 2017 if his Conservative Party wins next year’s general election, but has failed to win support for border reforms from fellow European leaders.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week warned her British counterpart that he was approaching a “point of no return” with the EU over his immigration proposals, according to a German news report.

However, Hammond insisted that there would be no turning back, saying that Britain would be “prepared to stand up from the table and walk away” if its proposals were not considered.

“We have to be prepared to. In this case it isn’t even our decision because there’s going to be a referendum at the end of this process,” he said in comments published on the Telegraph’s website.

Eurosceptic Hammond promised to be “candid” with EU partners and to warn them that the British public were expecting results.

“I’d like to be telling my German counterpart honestly, if you draw the line there, I don’t think we’re going to get this past the British public in a referendum – but if you could move your line to there, I think we might.”

He ruled out talk of quotas on the amount of immigrants coming to Britain from the EU, but suggested he may raise the idea of “a mechanism that delivered the same kind of outcome”.

Hammond has been actively anti-EU, and his appointment was seen as a way to stem the flow of voters from Cameron’s party toward UKIP. It is a fact that if it were not for UKIP, none of these talks would even be happening.

Though everyone knows that the subhumans from Africa and the Middle East are a much bigger threat to the UK than Eastern Europeans, that doesn’t mean Eastern Europeans are not a threat or that they have some magical right to steal England from the English simply because they are European.

Nigel has successfully exploited the fact that you can talk about Eastern European immigration without being ostracized as racist in order to push for a discussion of immigration as a concept. This has been a brilliant and effective strategy. Obviously, once UKIP has power, they are going to deal with the rape posses first.

It is unclear whether Britain will push to deport the huge numbers of Romanians, Slavs, etc. already in the country, though this is clearly well within their rights if they so choose.