Foreign Policy: A Black State is a Failed State

January 7, 2014

fsi_basicheatmap_2013_wideThis post features a frank discussion about racial differences as it relates to the stability of nations. The data comes from Fund For Peace, a DC based not for profit. The information is created for Foreign Policy magazine each year. The results were endorsed by Business Insider, one of the biggest websites in America. Alexa ranks it as the 126th most popular website in America.

Fund For Peace ranked the 25 “Most Failed” states in the world. Almost all of them are black countries. The rest are countries turned upside down by the US War on Terror.

The top five are all sub-Saharan African nations. Nineteen of the top twenty five are sub-Saharan African countries (counting Haiti). All nineteen of the nineteen “most stable” nations are white nations.

Five of the other six are nations that have been turned upside down by the US “War on Terror.” Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The US is currently bombing three of those countries, and funding a horrific civil war in another.

The only other country is North Korea, one of the last communist regimes, and also one of the most isolated countries in the world.

33 of the worst 50 are Sub-Saharan African (counting Haiti). The center ranked 178 countries. What is even more telling is that the center tends to ranks the countries that have been black ruled the longest as the most failed. The countries that have been turned over to black rule more recently, tend to be less failed.

South Africa, where white ruled ended in 1994, is listed at 113. Jamaica, where white rule ended in 1962, is listed at 118. The countries that have been consecutively black ruled the longest are Haiti(1804) and Liberia(1822). They are listed as the 8th and 23rd most failed.