Four Jews Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Daily Stormer
November 18, 2014

Two Palestinians rushed a Jerusalem synagogue and opened fire on Tuesday. They also knives and axes, apparently.

Four were killed. Six wounded.

Jew police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld is on it. Apparently one of the dead was “American” and three were “British.”


The attackers were later killed in a shootout with police. Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Rosenfeld said: “Everybody was praying peacefully without any disruptions whatsoever and then all of a sudden the terrorists go into a place of worship and peace and turn it into a killing nightmare.” Police confirmed that the victims included Rabbi Moshe Twersky. He is the son of Boston-born Isadore Twersky, who founded Harvard University’s Center for Jewish Studies.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri praised the attack and called for more bloodshed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “respond with a heavy hand to the brutal murder of Jews who came to pray and were met by reprehensible murderers.” Netanyahu blamed the violence on incitement by Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Secretary of State John Kerry described the incident as an “act of senseless brutality” and an “atrocity.” He added: “The Palestinian leadership must condemn this. This simply has no place in human behavior and we need to hear from leaders who are going to lead their people to a different place.”

I am, as the reader is aware, non-violent and anti-violence. However, it must be asked: what do these Jews expect? To kill people with impunity, forever, and never see any consequences at all?

And then you are going to ask us to feel bad for you.

The wholesale slaughter of children and women in Gaza over the summer was seen by the whole world. How many people do you think are going to feel bad about grown men getting killed in a revenge attack after having seen those piles of baby bodies, Jews?

You have put yourself in a very bad position, Jews. A position where in many people want to kill you, and those who don’t want to kill you don’t care at all if someone else does.

You gave up your victim status when you made the call to keep on slaughtering infants while the whole world was begging you not to. That was the point in history where you stupid gas chamber hoax peaked, and it is all downhill from here.