France: Black Moslem Footballer Suspended for 4 Matches for Refusing to Promote Anal

Gay trumps black again!

The anti-Israel protesters don’t give a shit about poop-eating homos though.

See: Philly: Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protesters Interrupt Anal Pride Parade

There’s no pride in genocide.


Monaco midfielder Mohamed Camara was given a four-game suspension by the French league after covering up an anti-homophobia message on the team’s shirt during the club’s final league game of the season.

The French league’s disciplinary committee said in a statement late Thursday that it sanctioned the Mali international for his refusal to “carry out one or more actions to raise awareness of the fight against homophobia.”

The French league staged its annual campaign against discrimination during the weekend’s final round with each team wearing a badge featuring the word “homophobia” crossed out. Camara taped over the badge during his team’s 4-0 win over Nantes, and also skipped the pre-match group photo where all players stood before a banner with the same message.

French Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra called Camara’s actions “unacceptable” and called for “firm sanctions” against both the player and the club.

Monaco coach Adi Hütter said after the game that the club supports the league’s initiative and that Camara’s actions were “a personal choice.”

This was the fourth consecutive season that professional clubs in France had been invited to use rainbow-colored numbers, armbands or patches on their shirts to support the LGBTQ movement. Each year, similar controversies arise.

The Judeo-globalist cartel went all-in on double anal.

But the backlash is already here and it’s getting worse.

Their response is to force it even harder.

Apparently, they are unaware that this strategy has never worked long-term with anything, ever, in all of history.

Whenever I see footballers participating in anal events, none of them seem very happy about it