France Clamps Down on Baker Who Sells “Racist” Cupcakes

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2015

Such racism.
Such racism.

A bakery in a small French town has been ordered by an administrative court judge to stop displaying its “dark chocolate cupcakes featuring cartoonist fat male and female figurines with bright pink lips and genitalia” after an activist group formally complained about the “racism” of the cupcakes.

Daily Caller:

The judge in the case concluded that the “God” and “Goddess” cakelets sold by the patisserie in Grasse, Nice incite “racial hatred” and defile “human dignity, especially that of the African people or people of African descent.”

The baker, Yannick Tavolaro, may still produce and sell the cakes, the judge ruled. The court also found that the baker had no ill intent.

Forthwith, the judge ordered, town officials in Grasse must make sure that the desserts never appear in the windows of the patisserie.

Failure to enforce the edict will cost the town a fine of 500 euros (about $535) each day.

For now, the town must pay a fine of $1,000 euros (about $1,085) to a French group with a name that roughly translates to the Representative Council of Black Associations in France. This group called for a ban on the cupcakes.

As for Tavolaro, the baker, he is unapologetic.

He noted that he has made the cupcakes for the last 15 years, and usually makes them only to order. Also, he swore, the dark chocolate is “technically” necessary for creating the misshapen figures in his special way.

Tavolaro has indicated that he plans to file a defamation case against CRAN.

So ensuring the protection of non-White feeeelings precedes ensuring the right of a private business owner to display and sell what he pleases?

Luckily Americans are still more fortunate than the French and other Europeans in this respect. But don’t take it for granted. I wouldn’t be surprised if “inciting racial hatred” is eventually not deemed Constitutionally protected speech/expression.