France Denies Entry to Arab Surgeon from the UK, Says Germany Told Them They had to Do That

France is like 30% Arab.

Somehow, they are just as extreme as the United States when it comes to banning people from complaining about Jews slaughtering tens of thousands of children.

It’s almost like Jews control the entire Western world.

Just for anyone keeping score: both Russia and China – the two countries that we are told are evil and trying to destroy all freedom – have called for the liberation of Palestine.

It’s almost like this entire Third World War that is brewing is entirely manufactured by the Jews!

The Guardian:

A London surgeon who has provided testimony over the current war in Gaza after operating during the conflict has been denied entry to France, where he was due to speak in the French senate later on Saturday.

After arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport north of Paris on Saturday morning on a flight from London, Prof Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, was informed by French authorities that Germany had enforced a Schengen-wide ban on his entry to Europe.

Ghassan Abu-Sitta

French police said the German authorities, who had previously refused Abu-Sitta entry to Germany in April, had put a visa ban on him for a year, meaning he was banned from entering any Schengen country. It is not clear whether Abu-Sitta was aware of this before flying to Paris.

They are preventing me from entering France. I am supposed to speak at the French senate today,” said Abu-Sitta, who had been invited by Green party parliamentarians to take part in a conference at the Sénat, the upper house, to speak about Gaza. The theme of the conference was: France and its responsibility in the application of international law in Gaza.

In an act of utter vindictiveness the French authorities are denying me access to an earlier flight and insisting on sending me on the last flight back late night to London,” Abu-Sitta wrote on X.


They punished him by making him wait at the airport all day!

That is both cruel and unusual.

Who would even think to do that??

Did they also force him to pee sitting down???

The Elysée said it was not aware of Abu-Sitta’s being refused entry to France but a spokesperson told Le Monde: “When it’s a question of a Schengen refuse, the border police can’t do much about it.”

During the months of October and November 2023 at the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza that has since killed more than 34,000 Palestinians, Abu-Sitta operated from Gaza’s al-Shifa and al-Ahli Baptist hospitals. During his 43 days, he described witnessing a “massacre unfold” in Gaza and the use of white phosphorus munitions, which Israel has denied. He has also provided evidence to Scotland Yard.

Raymonde Poncet Monge, the Europe Écologie-Les Verts senator who organised the conference, said she condemned the police action and said they had contacted the office of the interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, in an attempt to allow Abu-Sitta entry without success.

How can Germany issue territorial bans throughout the Schengen area? It’s mind-boggling! This is a new step in the repression of everything to do with Palestine,” said Poncet Monge, who later posted a photograph of Abu-Sitta attending the conference via video.

I don’t think Germany has that authority. They’ve definitely never exercised it before, if they did have it.

That would have to be an act of the European Council or the European Parliament or whatever. Those entities are de facto controlled by Germany (actually, controlled by America through Germany), but the government of Germany can’t possibly have the ability to ban people from Schengen.

Everything in the West is becoming totally lawless in response to these pro-Palestine protests. It’s becoming a Bolshevik type situation, where it’s just open tyranny. Previously, it was tyranny under a thin veneer of the rule of law, but they have now thrown that out completely, and they’re just doing whatever.