France: Jew Nicolas Sarkozy Attempting Political Comeback

Daily Slave
December 1, 2014

Nicolas Sarkozy a French Jew is re-entering politics. Why would anyone support this clown?

The former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy is attempting a political comeback after being voted the next head of the UMP party.  It is nuts that anyone in France would support this man whose Jewish lineage makes it obvious that he shouldn’t even be in France, let alone serving as its leader.

London Telegraph:

Two years ago, defeated and disillusioned, the man once seen as France’s saviour slunk off into the shadows. Nicolas Sarkozy exited the political stage with a promise never to return.

But on Saturday, a decade almost to the day after he first became leader of his political party, the man known as “Mr Bling Bling” was back – winning 65 per cent of the vote to choose the next head of the UMP party.

And for those gathering in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, his political heartland, there was every reason to crack open the champagne.

“We’ve missed him,” said Anthony Dodeman, a lawyer and UMP councillor for the town. “We need his energy, experience and dynamism. I’m delighted he’s back.”

Saturday night saw the end of a 24-hour electronic voting period, concluding with the 59-year-old being crowned president of the centre-Right UMP.

Despite its shortcomings, the National Front is the best option for France in the next election. They are campaigning on a strong anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant platform which is what France needs. Last thing they need is some Jew back in power.