France: Le Pen’s Side Gets Most Votes, Only Third Most Seats

Democracy is so retarded.

We need autocracy.

That’s the only way you get the will of the people, it’s the only way you get freedom.


The French election results showed that the “alliance of dishonour” between President Emmanuel Macron and the far left effectively blocked the populist National Rally from gaining a majority despite the Le Pen party having won the most votes.

According to the French Interior Ministry, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) won the most votes of any party during Sunday’s second round of the snap legislative elections at over 8.7 million, good for 32.05 per cent of the vote.

When combined with their electoral alliance partners from disputed Les RĂ©publicains president Eric Ciotti, who earned nearly 1.4 million, good for 5 per cent of the vote, that would take the right wing to over 10 million and 37.05 per cent of the vote.

In comparison, the far-left New Popular Front alliance of communists, socialists, and environmentalists led by radical leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon only received around seven million votes or around 25.7 per cent and Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal centrist coalition received 6.3 million votes or 23.15 per cent of the vote.

However, despite receiving 1.7 million fewer votes than RN, the New Popular Front was awarded the most seats of any party, currently projected by Le Monde at 182. Macron’s coalition won an estimated 168 seats, and despite coming in first in terms of vote share, the RN and its partners were awarded the third most seats at a projected 143.

The disparity between votes and seats in the National Assembly came as a result of the backroom deal struck between President Macron and the New Popular Front, in which each side agreed to drop out in favour of the candidate with the best chance of beating out the populist party in over 200 legislative districts.

I don’t even support Le Pen.

I support her dad, but this bitch is like some kind of retard. Or a woman. She looks like a tranny.

But this situation shows, once again, that democracy is simply dumb.

You have to have an authoritarian leader if you want freedom. And heterosexuality. If you want penis-in-vagina sex, you need a dictator.

The buck stops at a dictator.

Where does the buck stop in a democracy?

How do you get less representation than votes, if it’s “the people rule”?