France: Police Officer Indicted for Posting an Image ‘with an Islamophobic Connotation’ on Facebook

Islam Versus Europe
November 9, 2013

trappes-douceur-de-vivre-policierThe Versailles prosecutor’s office has opened a judicial inquiry for “incitement to hatred and racial discrimination” regarding a police officer from Trappes police station suspected of having shared an image with an Islamophobic connotation on his Facebook account, while urban violence was occurring in July, the prosecutor Vincent Lesclous announced on Friday.

This officer of the law participated in the turbulent identity check on a fully veiled woman in Trappes, on 18 July, an incident that provoked three nights of violence in this banlieue. In particular, he is said to have shared on his Facebook account, since closed, a photo of the group “White women are the most beautiful”. On this photo featuring the logo of the municipality of Trappes and proclaiming “the douceur de vivre [sweetness of life]”, a woman wearing a niqab was shown beneath a bright sky underneath a mosque.


Now posting an image of a woman wearing a burka standing in front of a mosque is a crime!

I posted about the Facebook opinions of French police at the time of the Trappes riots here.

The comment underneath the image reads (in deliberately broken French):

It not very nice to ask our wummin to tak off thare curtain speshally in the Slamic Republic of Traps Christians can be attact but dont tuch Muslims one inhabitant said to JT