France: Top Leftist Politician Summoned by Police for Opposing Jew Slaughter in Gaza

Mathilde Panot

You can’t just go around disagreeing with the Jews.

We live in a democracy, and our values are that you can’t disagree with the Jews.

France 24:

Mathilde Panot heads the lower house of the parliament faction of the France Unbowed (LFI) party, which has been repeatedly accused by opponents of failing to clearly condemn the attack by Hamas.

The LFI – which is now France’s strongest political force on the left – has in turn lashed out at what it sees as an erosion of free speech and accused Israel of committing “genocide” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Panot said it was the first time in the history of modern France that a head of a parliamentary faction “was summoned on such serious grounds”.

“I am warning about this serious exploitation of justice aimed at suppressing political expression,” she said.

You’re a monster if you don’t support this

On October 7, the LFI group in parliament published a text which sparked controversy because it described the Hamas attack as “an armed offensive by Palestinian forces” that occurred “in a context of intensification of the Israeli occupation policy” in the Palestinian territories.

The LFI’s firebrand figurehead and former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon described the summons an “unprecedented event in the history of our democracy”, accusing the authorities of “protecting a genocide”.

Where will our principles go if we allow people to say the Jews are wrong? What about our values?

I’ll tell you where they’ll go: straight into the gas chamber.

Everyone who questions the Jews must be sent to prison, because this is a democracy.

Jews aren’t even waiting for the Palestinians to be conceived anymore