France: “Victims of Climate Change” Want Major Energy Company on Trial for Involuntary Manslaughter

Patrick Pouyanne, CEO of TotalEnergies, is among those the climate hoaxers want put in prison

It’s a universe of totally retarded lies.

All sorts of things are now possible. Things that make no sense at all make sense to people who do not believe a single true thing.


NGOs filed a criminal complaint against French oil giant TotalEnergies and its top shareholders in Paris on Tuesday, seeking a trial for involuntary manslaughter and other consequences of climate change “chaos”.

The case targets the company’s board, including chief executive Patrick Pouyanne, and major shareholders that backed its climate strategy, including US investment firm BlackRock and Norway’s central bank, Norges Bank.

In a statement, the three NGOs and eight individuals said they accused the group of “deliberately endangering the lives of others, involuntary manslaughter, neglecting to address a disaster, and damaging biodiversity”.

The complaint was filed at the Paris judicial court, which has environmental and health departments, three days before TotalEnergies holds its annual shareholders meeting.

The prosecutor now has three months to decide whether to open a judicial investigation, the NGOs said. If it does not go ahead, the plaintiffs can take their case directly before an investigative judge.

“This legal action could set a precedent in the history of climate litigation as it opens the way to holding fossil fuel producers and shareholders responsible before criminal courts for the chaos caused by climate change,” the NGOs said.

The plaintiffs include “victims or survivors of climate-related disasters” in Australia, Belgium, France, Greece, Pakistan, the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

Even if the cow farts hoax was actually real, connecting it to specific events and saying that they were caused/made worse by it is completely schizophrenic.

Even some of the climate hoaxers used to point this out once in a while, but they stopped doing that lately.


One of the plaintiffs in the latest case is Benjamin Van Bunderen Robberechts, a 17-year-old Belgian whose friend Rosa died in flash floods in Belgium at the age of 15 in 2021.

“It’s horrible that there are people who value their profits so much more than human lives,” Van Bunderen Robberechts, who has since founded the non-profit Climate Justice for Rosa, said in the statement.

“I will do everything in my power to fight the climate situation and hold those responsible to account,” he said.

The flood was caused by TotalEnergies?

Like, as if the CEO of the company had gone and pushed the bitch in the water?

This is so wacky.

Still more reasonable than child trannies, I guess. But barely.