Fury as Roma Gypsies Continue to Fleece UK Benefits System Despite New Rulings

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2014

Nicu Popescu has five children and a wife, who he is bringing over to Britain so he will be given a four bedroom house, because he is currently sleeping on the floor somewhere.

Roma gypsies are taking full advantage of Britain’s hatred for its own people and love for all its enemies.

Once they get into the country, they instantly start fleecing the benefits system and work on bringing the rest of their criminal inbred families over.

Take this chinless wonder in The Express for instance. In Romania his entire family would only get £425 a year, but in Britain his children alone would get £4,000.

In total, he would be looking at receiving £25,000 annually for doing nothing at all, if he can get his family to move too.

On top of that, they would also get free schooling, free medical care, free medical prescriptions and free housing, with running water and inside toilets.

He even sees it as his right to take whatever he can from Britain, because he has a European passport.

Labour MP for Birmingham Khalid Mahmood thinks the British welfare system belongs to him and that he somehow has more right to it than any other foreigner.

Because he classes himself as a self employed scrap dealer, he will not be effected by the new ban on foreigners getting unemployment benefits, he gets tax credits and top-ups to his pittance of a wage instead.

To really rile people up and irritate them all the more, the Labour MP for the area he has chosen to enrich is non-White too.  “Our system is open to abuse when it comes to this benefits issue,” he says, as if he had any part in creating the welfare system that was supposed to be an inheritance for the posterity of the people who created it.

Fixing the system so that freeloaders from elsewhere cannot abuse it is not all that needs to be done, every one of those freeloaders has to be removed from the country and that includes the Labour MP for Birmingham too.

Hey, if we move to Britain and live like this for a few months they will give us a house and free money if I say I work for 1 day a week!