Generation Identity Protests Invaders Using Australian Example, UN Rages

James Kirkpatrick
June 16, 2015

Some life left in Europa
Some life left in Europa

African invaders trying to enter Europe have declared they are not leaving. And as you might expect, the United Nations, always eager to destroy Western nations, is taking their side.

These unsettling images show dozens of migrants wrapped in emergency blankets clinging to rocks off the Italian coast after spending last night in the open.

The group of around 50 are huddled together under a bleak grey sky in Ventimiglia, a town right on the border with France.

Italian police moved in yesterday to disperse around 200 migrants who were staging a sit-in at a border crossing after French police refused to let them enter the country.

The men in these pictures slipped away from the police cordon and took refuge on rocks near the border post.

It comes as a UN Special Representative slammed Britain for not taking in more migrants like Sweden or


Peter Sutherland, UN special representative of the secretary-general for international migration, said British politicians had not made the case for welcoming migrants to the UK.

He added a sense of ‘xenophobia and racism’ had been created as a result, The Daily Telegraph reports.

[Migrants take shelter from the elements on the rocks of the Italian shoreline with just an emergency blanket for cover after being refused entry to France, by Tim Macfarlin, Daily Mail, June 14, 2015]

But not everyone is ok with this. The activist group Generation Identity went to the border and protested the invaders. Generation Identity’s Facebook group boasted, “Generation of identity was present at the Franco-Italian border to cope with the illegal immigrants and their send a clear message: ” no way-you will not make Europa home!””

The slogan of course comes from the Australian Government, which has abruptly solved the problem of “boat people” coming to Australia through a policy of firmness. Amazing how easy that is when you have a serious government in power.

Needless to say, the UN is upset at Australia too, claiming the government paid traffickers to send people home.

The United Nations refugee agency’s report cited firsthand accounts of people on board a ship that was diverted to Indonesia after coming in contact with Australian authorities.

The boat — carrying 65 migrants from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar — was intercepted by the Indonesian navy after turning back from Australia on May 31, the UNHCR said.

The migrants were transferred to an Indonesian customs vessel for four days before being sent on two boats to Indonesia, the UNHCR added, after speaking to some of the passengers.

Australia has refused to confirm or deny the payment, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott went on the defensive Friday when asked about the claim. Abbott refused to “comment on operational matters,” but said that the government would stop the boats “by hook or by crook.”

[Australia urged to come clean over claims it paid traffickers, by Euan McKirdy, CNN, June 15, 2015]

What’s the problem here?