Germany: Bank Closes AfD Donation Account After Antifa Grannies’ Petition

Video from a protest organized by Omas Gegen Rechts (Grannies Against the Right)

They keep saying AfD is only the second most popular party, but most of the data shows they are actually the most popular.

But the government treats them like a terrorist organization.

Remember when they defined democracy for you, when you were in school? The will of the people is exercised through voting?

Well, this is apparently not the case.

European Conservative:

German bank Berliner Volksbank has closed the donation account of the right-wing antiglobalist opposition party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) following a petition by a group calling itself Grandmothers Against the Right (Omas gegen Rechts).

The group launched their petition in May, stating that the bank, which claims to stand for tolerance and against right-wing extremism, should not be allowed to accommodate an account for the AfD. The organisation handed over 33,500 signatures to the bank on Wednesday, July 3rd, to demand the termination of the account, and after meeting the chairman of the board of directors, Carsten Jung, Grandmothers Against the Right announced that their venture has been successful.

Susanne Scholl, one of the two co-founders of Omas Gegen Rechts, just happens to be Jewish

Though the Berliner Volksbank itself did not confirm the closure of AfD’s account, citing banking secrecy, the fact that donations can no longer be transferred is clearly visible on the party’s website. The only donation option left for supporters of the party is sending money through PayPal.

Yeah, they won’t confirm Anglin’s banning from banking either.

But he’s been to 15 banks in America and 20+ banks outside of America, and he can’t use banking.

Gregor Hackmack, a board member of the online petition platform, through which the signatures were collected, justified the initiative by saying that the AfD is “outside the constitutional order.” It was about reminding the bank of its “values,” Hackmack said, adding that the Berliner Volksbank’s move could now “be an example for other banks,” such as the Berliner Sparkasse, which manages the account of the AfD’s Berlin state association.

AfD, which is currently the second strongest party in Germany and one of the most popular among young voters, is being hounded by the political elite and mainstream media for its anti-immigration stance: there have been calls for the party to be banned for allegedly endangering the democratic order, and it is legally being spied upon by the intelligence services.

The bank account termination is not the first of its kind. As we previously reported, Tino Chrupalla, the co-leader of the party, stated last year that Postbank, a retail banking division of financial institution Deutsche Bank, had terminated his account because he’s an AfD member. He said this not only indicates how the AfD is “excluded and marginalised” from society but also that people are no longer permitted to express their opinions freely in Germany.

I think all these Antifa grannies are Jewish.

The German grannies I’ve seen are based af.