Germany: NPD Forces Resignation of Traitor Mayor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2015

Markus Nierth: Pansy fag shakes in his boots!
Markus Nierth: Pansy fag shakes in his boots!

A pro-invasionist mayor in Germany has been forced to resign following a demonstration by the nationalist NPD.

Thank God for small victories.

To be fair, this looks like a stunt on his part to make it look like the nationalists are “violent neo-Nazis,” but I think it is going to backfire.


Senior politicians in Germany have expressed outrage that the mayor of the eastern German town of Troeglitz was forced to resign after local authorities failed to stop a protest by the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) outside his house.

Markus Nierth, the elected mayor of Troeglitz, said Monday that he had resigned because he feared for his family’s safety after the NPD was allowed to hold a rally outside his home to protest against his plans to house asylum seekers in the town.

Oh, you’re a politician and people disagree with you?

Poor baby.

It comes as the far-right continues to gain support across Germany amid an increase in asylum seekers. The number of asylum seekers in the country jumped 60 percent last year, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

“It’s about my children and my wife fearing the arrival of truckloads of neo-Nazis…their kind, peaceful faces looking through our windows and…letting us hear their loving slogans,” Nierth wrote on Facebook.

Yeah, buddy – that’s how everyone else feels when you flood their streets with Moslems, only that threat is real.

This “Neo-Nazi” threat obviously isn’t real, and this resignation is part of a calculated media spectacle, probably planned by Merkel herself with the same team who set up that scene with the Palestinian child crying.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a Social Democrat who shares power with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said the mayor’s resignation was a “tragedy for our democracy.”

Cem Oezdemir, co-leader of the Greens, used stronger words.

“If an elected mayor does not feel protected from a brown mob in our democracy, all alarm bells must be ringing,” he said, referring to the brown uniforms of the SS under Hitler.

“Brown mob,” lol.

Wait for the government to charge the NPD with some kind of crime for this.