Germany: Top AfD Politician Raided After Allegations of “Money Laundering”

Petr Bystron

Petr Bystron is second on the AfD’s list for the EU parliament elections.

The guy in the first spot, Maximilian Krah, is under investigation for having an alleged Chinese spy working for him.

The government happened to discover all this right before the election.

Purely by coincidence, of course.

If they’re all ideological Nazis, as the German government and media claim, why are they also criminals?


Authorities in Germany and Spain have searched premises linked to a German legislator who is suspected of receiving bribes and money laundering and was identified by German media as far-right politician Petr Bystron.

Bystron, who is running in next month’s European Parliament elections, did not immediately comment on the searches. He has denied allegations widely reported by media that he was paid for giving interviews to a pro-Russian news portal.

The German prosecutors’ office said in a statement that various premises had been searched as part of an investigation into a member of the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, but did not name the legislator.

German magazine Der Spiegel named Bystron as the target of the searches. The Bundestag said Bystron’s immunity as a lawmaker had been lifted before the searches.

“Munich prosecutors are investigating a Bundestag member on suspicion of receiving bribes and money laundering,” the prosecutors’ office said. “As part of this investigation, premises in Berlin and Bavaria and on Majorca were searched and evidence was seized.”

Czech-born Bystron lives in the Bavarian city of Munich.

The German prosecutor’s office made no further comment.

Czech media have reported that Czech security services have a recording in which Bystron can be heard counting banknotes, and complaining that their denominations are so large that it will be tough to spend them even at a petrol station.

Bystron has said the allegations are part of an organised political campaign against him.

The AfD was vying with the opposition conservatives to top opinion polls at the start of 2024, but polls show its support has dropped since the foreign influence allegations and mass protests against the party.

Prosecutors charged an assistant to Maximilian Krah, the party’s lead candidate for June’s European Parliament elections, with spying for China.

Frankly, I have very serious doubts that support actually dropped.

What seems much, much more likely is that these scams – government organized protests and all of these moronic criminal allegations – were set up as explanations for why “support dropped.”

That is to say: they needed a reason to start faking the polls and faking the election, so they staged this nonsense.

People support AfD because they have zero faith in the system. Therefore, the fact that the system is going even harder on AfD than they were before would increase their support, would it not? How could it decrease support?

We witnessed this exact thing with Donald Trump: all of these attacks on him simply hardened support, and basically made him politically unassailable on the right. No Republican can say anything about Trump, because they just look like they’re piling on with all of these criminal Democrats and government officials.

But people stopped supporting AfD because the government said they are bad in a more extreme way than before?

It’s not possible. This is a hoax. Unfortunately, there isn’t really much analysis of this. There is virtually none in English, of course, but in German, it’s very difficult to run a right-wing political commentary site or social media account because the government will come after you.

I mean, you could probably say “these polls are fake,” but if you’re saying that sort of thing, you’re going to be saying other sorts of things, and the German government will call you a Nazi and send thugs to intimidate you, and then they will censor you, and then they will take some kind of legal action against you.

The Daily Stormer is probably the only major site on the internet doing any kind of meaningful commentary on this AfD situation, and we’re not really doing very much of it. The entirety of German society is a black box. No one understands any of the mechanisms. We just know that some decades ago, Germany lost a war to the United States, there are still tens of thousands of US troops in the country, and the German government never goes against the dictates of the United States, no matter how unpopular those dictates are among the German people.

Those are the facts that we can observe. We have no idea what the mechanisms behind this are, but it seems very unlikely that German policy is being determined by voting.

Bjorn Hocke was also convicted in that retarded trial a few days ago, but he can still appeal

Snake Baker contributed to this article.