Golden Dawn Calls Out Turkey for Funding Greater Albania

Daily Stormer
June 13, 2015

I'll give you three guesses who doesn't care about this ruling.  First two guesses do not count.

The patriotic Golden Dawn party of Greece has called out Turkey for funding the expansion of the Albanian state.

On their official website, GD said that Turkey is helping the Moslem Albanians create a “Greater Albania” – a project that NATO helped a lot with back in the 1990s when they bombed Serbia in support of Albanian terrorist forces who were conquering Kosovo.

The Party’s statement reads, in part:

Turkey recently has been educating Albanian officers in its schools and at the same time provides Albania army military vehicles and other light and armored vehicles. The creation of Islam-Turkish Archery in the Balkans, part of which is “Greater Albania,” is already a fact. Albania is essentially a political and military base of Turkey. Turkey will continue to provide Albania with the weapons, which in a not too distant future will be used for actions against the Greek territory.

The Party accused Turkey of using its secret services to fund terrorist forces in Albania.

The statement concludes:

We have to take very seriously the military penetration of Turkey to Albania and arming the Albanian forces. According to statistics, in 2050 Albania’s population is expected to go up to 10 million. The growth of the Albanian population, coupled with the growth of the Turkish population, and the collapse of the Greek population is a time bomb for our race. If you do not neutralize the bomb, the next generation risk to speak the dialect of Albanian Muslims, Turks, and other Asian countries.

The US military has a gigantic military base in southern Kosovo, very near to where Albanian terrorists have recently been making incursions into FYROM. All Western-aligned countries have been supportive of Albania using its terror strategies to destabilize and conquer Balkan Slavs, who are considered, along with the Greeks, to be problem populations.