Golden Dawn: No Greek Facility For Zionist Attack On Syria! No Support For Jihadist Merceneries!

Golden Dawn America
September 5, 2013


The whole world has gasped at the barbarism of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, a collection of paid Al-Qaeda affiliated mercenaries, many of them not Syrian, being recruited and trained by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and logistically and militarily supported by Israel, against the legitimate and popular regime of Assad. Videos have surfaced of the Jihadist rebels partaking in monstrosities, such as eating the hearts of dead Syrian soldiers and executing children, and this is only what they wish to broadcast. In particular, the FSA has been targeting Syria’s Orthodox Christian community (who enjoyed freedom and protection by the Assad government) committing vicious rapes, mass killings, and desecration of historic Christian churches.   Despite support and intervention from Israel, Turkey, Germany, France, and America, the Free Syrian Army is suffering numerous defeats in their campaign at the hands of the Syrian Army, a catastrophic defeat in the globalist showdown.

U.N. Representative Carla Del Ponte: Jihadists committed the chemical attacks on civilians


The bulk of the evidence that Assad has committed the chemical attacks comes from “Israeli intelligence”, despite mounting objective evidence that it was the other way around. The statement of Carla Del Ponte, Member of Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic ,caused the mobilization of the Zionist pseudo-democratic bloc within the UN, who soon after issued a statement that there is no time to find clear indications as to which side unleashed the chemicals.

Del Ponte , it is worth noting, had previously served as a Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Ms Del Ponte stated that a gathering of physical evidence as well as eye witness testimonies point to the fact that it is the American, Israeli and Turkish backed rebels that have done the chemical attacks blamed on Assad, specifically the use of the nerve gas sarin. When this conclusion was gotten to, the Zionist controlled media buried the news, and instead chose to focus on the positions of dissidents and ‘Western’ forces, which without a shred of evidence pinned the attack on Syrian president Assad.

The development proves that this chemical attack was little more than a staged provocation to establish an excuse for globalists to openly invade Syria. The United States, France, Turkey, Britain (despite parliamentary resistance to a strike) and Israel continue to insist on the guilt of Assad

On the other hand, Syria’s representatives to the United Nations refuted the accusations of the Zionist bloc. The Syrian representatives stressed that the chemical weapons were manufactured in Turkish territory, with equipment supplied by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, and smuggled into Syrian territory to be eventually used by the rebels.

Hated PASOK Traitor And System Defense Minister Chime In To Confirm Greek Role In A Possible Strike: “Greece is ready to meet its obligations”


Despite his party polling at a dismal 4%, Evangelos Venizelos decided to speak on behalf of the Greek people in support of a senseless violation of international law and possibly World War III. Venizelos along with Greek minister of Defense Avramopoulos confirmed that Greece will lend air and sea space for an attack on Syria, an act that has absolutely no benefit to the Greek people and an infinite number of possible consequences for the region.

Venizelos came out to loudly support the Zionist bloc’s unfounded allegations of Assad deploying chemical weapons in the name of the “civilized” West. They are those who speak of “democraticizing” and “civilizing” Syria by supporting an Al-Qaeda take over of a free nation, where Greek Orthodox civilians are being massacred, and contribute more hundreds of thousands of proud Syrians dying in defense of their fatherland. The proof of outside interests controlling Greece without the consent of the Greek people is on full display with this offer.

How can there still be Greeks wondering how their politicians could entrap them into the clutches of usurers and the IMF troika?