Greece: Brace Yourselves – It’s Happening.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2015

Hell appears to be opening up in Greece.

There is a run on ATMs, they were emptied and now they’ve shut them off and haven’t given a time they’ll open them up again.

They are going into capital controls.


It was more or less impossible for Greek banks to open tomorrow, once the European Central Bank announced it was turning off emergency lending to them.

Because in the absence of any increase in this so called Emergency Liquidity Assistance, the banks had no way to supply cash to Greek depositors who have been anxiously withdrawing their savings.

And, to state the obvious, banks that run out of cash are kaput.

So for banks to re-open, restrictions – known as capital controls – have to be put in place on the amount depositors can take out.

When these restrictions are announced, Greece will be half a step nearer to exit from the euro – since a core rule of the eurozone is that there should be no restrictions on the movement of money or capital.

What it looks like is that they’ve set this up in such a way that Greeks spend a week in this and thne vote “no” on the July 5 referendum on defaulting and exiting the eurozone. But who knows what these people are going to do. I certainly do not.

Either way, this is almost certainly going to collapse the euro. Everyone is Europe is going to pull their money and buy dollars. It’s down 2% now, but it will go into freefall.

But actually they're not tho.
But actually they’re not tho.

I don’t think there is any secret Jew plan here. This looks like for real uncontrolled chaos spiraling out of control. But I suppose Jews don’t much care – they win either way. Unless this leads to the rise of a new Hitler.


It could also lead to Putin swooping in like some type of superhero.

Like when he shot that tiger that tried to attack reporters.