Guardian Calling for Democratically Elected Golden Dawn to be Crushed by Foreign Power to Defend Democracy

George Iordanou: He sure does look like a Jew, doesn't he?
George Iordanou: He sure does look like a Jew.

A recent Guardian op-ed by multiculturalist extremist George Iordanou exposes the ridiculous nature of the modern religious institution of democracy in a frightening fashion.

The article, entitled “Golden Dawn is growing – Europe must help curb the rise of the far right,” published with the subtitle “The inability of both the Greek and Cypriot states to stand up to fascist groups is a call to action at European level,” demands, in vague terms, for the rest of Europe to somehow inject themselves into Greek politics in order to save them from their own choices.

The entire tone of the article is one of deep condescension, where the Greek people who support the Golden Dawn are portrayed as idiot children who have no idea what is going on and thus must be told what to do by foreigners. He begins with a few tears for the dead rapper, and the other alleged ‘victims’ of the Golden Dawn, before repeating the chant that ‘the crisis is responsible for extremism in Greece.’ This slogan is not necessarily wrong, as without the crisis Golden Dawn would not have the support it does; however, the implication is that while all hell is breaking loose in Greek society, what they should be doing is supporting the same crooked traitors who got them into this situation.

As the article is not written for a Greek audience, Iordanou is free to simply lie about obvious on-the-ground realities here in the city of Athens.

After claiming that that Golden Dawn is “exploiting populist lies about immigration,” he writes:

At the same time Golden Dawn exploited the fear of immigration that has been masterfully constructed in Greek society. The party leaders have depicted themselves as the problem-solvers: honest people who have never taken a bribe, whose main interest is the welfare of Greek people. They portray themselves as “men of action”, that don’t make promises that they cannot keep. These actions consist of attacks on immigrants, anarchists and communists, all in the light of helping the Greek people, some of who, to their shame, ask for their help – “to clean the area”. A horrible euphemism for “please come here, beat the immigrants and make them leave our neighbourhood”.

What he presents here is unadulterated fantasy, which anyone who has spent even a day in Athens (outside of the castle walls of the tourist centers) would easily be able to recognize for the lie that it is.

Firstly, we should note that unlike in America and Western Europe where you have a choir of liberal defenders of multicultural invasion, virtually no one in Greece wants these immigrants here. I have had conversations with hundreds of people, and have yet to meet a single one that thinks the millions of Muslims who roam the streets should be allowed to remain in Greece. Democracy brought these monsters here without ever asking the people. All of the major parties talk about how they are going to deal with the problem of immigration, as if they didn’t, no one would pay any attention them. It just so happens that the Golden Dawn has presented a real solution to the problem: force the creatures out by any means necessary.

The dislike of immigrants is not based on some vague, undefined prejudice or fear, it is based on clear and observable realities. The African, Middle Eastern and West Asian immigrants are almost all criminals. Having them in your neighborhood means you will be forced to live in a constant state of fear, as they roam up and down the streets looking for people to mug. Almost everyone who has been forced to live in an immigrant-heavy area has been mugged, at least once. Break-ins are a regularity. They also have a sick sexuality, and routinely viciously harass women on the streets; sometimes, this ends in rape. To say that it is shameful for people not to want to be subjected to this, in their own neighborhoods, is beyond sickening, reminiscent of the Muslims’ own policy of shaming rape victims for reporting the crime.

Men of Action: This is what they look like.
Men of Action: This is what they look like.

On top of the violence coming from the largely Muslim immigrants from the third world, severe economic hardship is brought about by the high number of European immigrants from former Soviet Bloc countries. In a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world outside of Africa, businesses routinely hire Albanians, Romanians and Bulgarians over Greek nationals. To suggest that any disagreement with this situation must be based on a lie, and any attempt to change the situation is immoral, is abjectly absurd.

Finally, the Golden Dawn is most assuredly made up of men of action who solve problems. Cleaning the streets is an action, which solves a problem. Feeding hungry citizens is an action, assisting old ladies on their trips to the market is an action, marching in the streets and defending the honor and heritage of the Greek nation is an action. Everything that the party engages in is action-based.

And they are also honest. Even if you disagree with their ideology, you would have to admit that they say what they believe, and act in a way that is in-line with their words. This alone puts miles between them and every other political party in Greece.

Reading the title of the article, we would expect him to explain how it is he believes Europe should intervene in Greece. He doesn’t ever make that clear.

Speaking on the need to manipulate the democratic process of the Greek state, he says:

The inability of both the Greek and Cypriot states to curtail the racially motivated violent actions of these groups, as well as the inability of the mainstream political parties to stand up to them, is a call to action for our European partners, who can no longer afford to sit back in their economically recovering countries as if nothing is happening elsewhere.

Given that he refuses to say what it is he means, we must assume that he is leaving all options open. Presumably, as nationalism rises in Europe, the push by the Jews will come in the same form as their push against ‘rouge’ Muslim nations: first you attempt to starve them through sanctions, then you bomb them.

Iordanou’s op-ed appears to be part of a run-up to much more aggressive suggestions by the noble defenders of international democracy.

Democracy, Ye Have Failed Us

What we see here is that democracy in fact has nothing at all to do with the will of the people, but exists merely to defend an established economic and social hierarchy, and the ideological framework which reenforces it. As much as those who rattle on about democracy wish to talk about the will of the people, as soon as the will of the people begins to turn against the system, the democratic process must be disrupted by coercion or brute force. You are free to decide, as long as you don’t disagree with the Jews who rule over you.

The system of democracy explicitly serves to allow Jews, capitalists and special interests to rule under the guise of public approval. Leaders are not required to be accountable, as whenever they fail, the people who voted for them are blamed. When leaders are not held accountable, they are able to do anything they wish to the people they rule over, and they wish to do whatever their Jewish puppet-masters tell them to do.

In a monarchy, as well as in other authoritarian societies, the Supreme Leader is supremely responsible for everything that happened in the society, good and bad. If something goes right, you know who to thank; if something goes wrong, you know who to blame.

We might also note that kings and dictators generally have widespread popular support from nearly the entire society, while democratically elected leaders tend to only have support from half, or slightly more than half, of the population, meaning, seemingly counter-intuitively, that a system of unelected leaders who are accepted by the people better represents the popular will than a system of elected leaders allegedly selected by the people.

The system is enforced by the dominant control of the media that the Jews hold. The relatively new electronic media has the capacity to literally control the thoughts of a large segment of the population, who are biologically incapable of resisting the influence of the machines, and the scientific methodology through which distortions and outright lies are presented as objective fact. We saw this quite clearly with Ron Paul, who, my criticisms of him notwithstanding, was a much better option, representing the popular of the opinion of the people to a much higher degree, than either of the scumbags who we were eventually told to choose from – and yet the media told us it wouldn’t work, and the people simply accepted it.

In Greece, the situation of media control over the public mind was the same, before the crisis. Now, the people, brought to their knees by the system, have been forced to look at the lying nature of the entire diabolical structure which has been built up around them. The media has lost much sway, as it was the media who convinced them to support the system in the first place. Now, you have people exercising their “democratic rights” in a more informed and logical way, and this is being declared a disaster by the entire media apparatus.

Some people vote for the Golden Dawn because they believe in them, some of them vote for the Golden Dawn because they see that they believe in themselves, some of them vote for the Golden Dawn because they don’t see any other option. The point is, they have voted, and will continue to vote, for the Popular Nationalist party. And that is their right, in this democratic system – or so we have been told.