Happy Independence Day! (And Stormer Anniversary!)

Happy Independence Day to all my American brothers.

I pray that you all have safe and effective parades, BBQs, and fireworks displays.

And hey, even if you’re not American – have some respect for our culture and grab a burger and blow something up.

I’ve written a lot about the nature of the founding documents and the thinking behind them. Some of it has been positive and some of it has been negative. I have mixed feelings about these various enlightenment ideals.

But none of that matters. What matters is that today is the day we remember that God gave us our freedom – not the government or any other institution of man. That is the core premise of the American ideal: we are free men, who have a right to live how we want to live and to make a living without the government interfering with us. No one can argue with that premise.

We also have a right to free speech and to guns, and the regulators have no right to impede the mass import of Hiluxi or AKs.

You’ve got your Ford and your AR-15, at least. But let me tell you, brother: when things get hot, you’re gonna wish you had a Turbo Diesel Hilux and an AK. The government never had any right to take those things from us, nor did they ever have a right to do any of this other bullshit.

America was a good country. It was safe, prosperous, fun, free, and white. They had no right to do any of these things to us. We are free men – because God said so.

And let me tell you something: we will get back those freedoms that God gave us and Jews and women took from us. This is very far from over, and unless you’re dying of a brain tumor, you’ll likely see the day when the dam breaks and freedom floods in and wipes out the oppressor.

And that’s not me saying that, that’s GOD saying that. I mean, I’m the one who typed it, but God promises that no tyranny lasts forever.

Men must be free.

We will be.

Bet on it.

Stormer Anniversary

This is also the mark of 11 years of the Daily Stormer. Technically, I think it was up in May of 2013, but I was figuring out the details and decided to mark the official launch on Independence Day, because this is a freedom site. We believe in freedoms and national and personal independence.

It’s been a long, strange trip. The site has had ups and downs, but it’s always been up. A few days’ downtime here and there is all there ever was.

One time someone told me that I shouldn’t use holiday celebration articles to beg for money. I was like “oh yeah, you’re probably right.” But then I was like “wait, what? Why?” It seems like the perfect time to beg.

So, I come to you today, asking for your support.

As per our ridiculously complicated system of protecting our readership from getting tracked by the Jews for sending us money, you can send Monero, which is completely private.

This is the Monero address:


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That is an email address I only really use for donations. So please don’t send me commentary unless it is really important. I mean, if you’re sending money, yeah I’ll answer your emails. If you’re sending me a whole lot of money, I’d probably even talk to you on the phone. But it would have to be a huge amount of money, because I’m very busy.

If you already have an address, you can use the same address. Anyone who sent any money last time can check the blockchain and see that none of their money has been linked to any other addresses. If it was transferred anywhere, it was transferred from a single address to a Monero exchange site. I guarantee this will remain the case.

If you already understand how to keep your Bitcoin anonymous, you can use this address:


But only send to that address if you really understand crypto security. Otherwise, email me for a secret address to guarantee the security of the transaction.

I very much appreciate the kids sending $5s and $10s, and that of course helps, but if you’re rich, please consider sending a massive amount of money.

These last few years have been very difficult. Switching to Monero only was a serious decision. Back in the day, when I had a PO Box, things were good. Well, I wasn’t getting rich, but things were fine. Now, it’s very hard.

(Also, if you’re broke, don’t worry about it. I don’t want money from anyone who’s struggling.)


Many of my enemies have been vanquished.

Those who have been longtime readers are aware that this site has had many enemies. They’re mostly gone.

I’m still here.

I’ll be here.

One love.

Hail Victory.