Has the Fake Truth Movement Peaked?

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
August 11, 2014

Alex Jones understands that Barack Obama is not a Jewish puppet, but a follower of Mussolini's Fascism
It’s over, buddy. Just give up.

For years I have pointed out how much of the alleged truth movement has been filled with shills, operatives, swindlers, Jews and outright insane people.  Obviously when you first get involved with this type of stuff it is unfair to condemn a particular person or a particular group without having significant proof that they are being intentionally dishonest with their audience.  You really want to believe that these people have good intentions.

Many of the people who I initially encountered in the so-called truth movement I supported because it appeared to me as if they were doing the right thing.  Unfortunately, after finding out more about these figures and developing a greater understanding of the Jewish problem, it became clear to me that most of the people in the alternative media are gatekeepers who will misdirect people into talking about anything except for Jewish power.

There are also sites which expose Jewish power but mix in that information with all sorts of weird topics and disinformation.  Jeff Rense’s website is notorious for this.  Unfortunately this type of operation appears to be a growing trend with websites like Veterans Today that is run by a weird Jew shill named Gordon Duff.  Duff has previously admitted that a substantial amount of material posted on Veterans Today is intentional disinformation.  Yet despite this admission, people keep visiting the site.  It could be argued that this format is as damaging – if not more so – to the agenda of exposing Jewish power than the sites that don’t even explore the topic.  The reason being is that it associates information on Jewish power with all sorts of unproven gibberish which will undoubtedly confuse the reader.

The Great Seal is based on an ancient Aryan symbol, adopted by Christianity.  It has nothing to do with Satanism.
Breaking free from the lies of the false truth movement: The Great Seal is based on an ancient Aryan symbol, adopted by Christianity. It has nothing to do with Satanism.

There is no debating that Jews play prominent roles throughout the banking system, the media, Hollywood, politics and in many other important economic sectors.  This is easily proven and even admitted by a number of Jews themselves.  Isn’t it time that we just focus in on this as our number one priority?

What’s interesting is that it looks as if many of these fake truth movement sites that intentionally ignore the Jewish question or mix in Jewish related information with weird topics and disinformation may have finally peaked in popularity.  People seem to be growing tired of visiting these sites that point them in a hundred different directions while offering no tangible solutions.

Below are a handful of Alexa traffic charts for sites associated with the alleged truth movement.  Every single one I came across showed a downward trend in traffic over the past six months.  It is possible that this isn’t the case for every “truther” site, but I found it interesting that each of the sites I sampled showed this particular trajectory.


davidickeinfowarsintellihubjordanmaxwellmarkdiceprisonplanetrensewearechangeCompare that with the traffic chart for the Daily Stormer, which is putting out a very clear and concise message that the Jews are the primary problem that must be dealt with before White European societies can be restored to greatness.



And here’s my website the Daily Slave, which has only been operating for roughly five months.


Obviously I cannot predict the future, but these are certainly encouraging signs.  It shows that people are seeking a message and a direction that can be rallied behind that has the potential to achieve real political change.  Focusing 100% on the Jews and their obvious agenda to genocide the White race is a message that most people can recognize and support.  Getting into discussions about different 9/11 theories, the Illuminati, crisis actors, hoax events, shadowy globalists, Bilderbergers, Freemasons, UFOs, reptilian overlords, end of the world scenarios and alien abductions are not messages that can unify a people even if the material can somehow be proven accurate.

Once we take back our nations from the Jewish parasite and restore our national cultures then maybe we can go back and have discussions on some of these other issues.  But for now, we need to rally behind a unified message if we hope to achieve any sort of real change in the immediate future.  Judging from these traffic charts, it appears as if the people are starting to agree.