Here’s How You Can Contact Me to Get a Unique BTC Address to Donate (Encrypted Messaging App)

So, here’s the deal: there is a PC/Mac/Android/iOS fork of the phone app Signal, which does not require a phone number, called Session (download it at I trust its encryption and use it personally. It’s open source. You can look up the details and the tests that have been run on it if you’re concerned.

To contact me, you download the app, on any device, then enter my contact ID:


QR code for that:

This is the safest possible way to get a unique/private Bitcoin address to donate. (No one will know you’re sending it to me, I will never mix the coins or use them for any purpose other than converting them to Monero, which is an encrypted crypto.)

I obviously can’t just sit around chatting with everyone, I’m a busy man, but of course if you send me a large amount of crypto, I’ll chat with you.

Being based on Signal, that app also allows for voice calls. I have “receive calls” turned off, so I’d have to call you, but it is possible to do voice calls, if for some reason you want to talk to me.

This is also an easy way for famous/powerful people to contact me without having to worry someone will find out about it. Journalists and whatever else are free to reach out (I probably won’t respond to most mainstream journalists, but you can try – I will do podcasts though), as are old friends (some of you I miss, we’ll figure out a way to prove it’s you).

You can also send news tips (though if you are just sending me a bunch of obvious stuff, I might have to block you.) Whatever.

I’ll definitely do my best to respond to everything I can.

But primarily, we’ve got serious financial troubles here at the site, so the main goal here is to allow people who want to donate to get the clean/unique BTC/ETH/wtvr addresses. So if that’s the reason you’re contacting, please make that clear in the first message.

Remember, I sacrificed who knows how much money by switching to Monero only before I came up with this idea of manually giving people unique BTC addresses. It’s very important to me that no one donating to me gets tracked, and a public Bitcoin address means that unless you are doing the security yourself on your end, there is a possibility it could be traced back to you.

If you are doing the security on your own, you can use this public BTC address:


Again, unless you’ve done your own privacy, there is a chance that anything sent there can be tracked to you. It’s also going to be blocked by any of the major exchanges. So it’s better you just get the private one.

God bless all of you.