Hezbollah Hits Key Israeli Military Installations in Golan, Runs Out the Settlers

The Golan Heights was not even part of British Mandate Palestine. It’s not even part of what Israel originally claimed when they said they wanted to control all of Palestine in the name of the Jewish master race.

Just look at the map.

It doesn’t even look like it should be a part of Palestine, and it never was.

But Donald Trump went ahead and gifted the Jews this part of Syria because the Jews are God’s chosen ones and they can just steal people’s land and kill anyone they want.


The Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant group said on Sunday it launched a drone attack on Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights where Israel has a key surveillance centre.

It said this was its first such bombing since it began trading fire with Israel on Oct. 8, a day after its Palestinian ally Hamas attacked southern Israel, sparking the Gaza war. Hezbollah says it would halt operations only when the war ends.

Although it had hit other areas in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights repeatedly, Lebanon’s Hezbollah said it was the first time to hit the military target that is at the highest elevation in the Israeli-controlled territory.

Israel has key surveillance, espionage and air defence installations on Mount Hermon where it overlooks the Syrian capital and serves to monitor Syria, Iraq, Jordan and parts of Saudi Arabia since the 1973 Oct. Arab-Israeli war.

Remember when Trump “gave the Jews” Golan Heights, so they built him a sign?

That sign is not doing so well.

It’s pretty symbolic of the entire Trump presidency, frankly.

But that isn’t really the point here.

The point is all of the Jew settlers in this area have been run out by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah isn’t occupying this territory, but they are preventing the Jews from occupying it, which is basically the same thing.

On some level, this looks like it is playing into the Jews’ hands. Hezbollah appears to want the war.

Iran says they don’t want the war, but they’re going to help Hezbollah, which is going to result in America getting involved in directly fighting Iran.