Hotwheels: Why I Support Eugenics

Fredrick Brennan
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2014


I am a disabled supporter of eugenics, and I’m not the only one.

Allowing more cripples like myself to be born when society at large knows how it can be stopped is a great crime.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disease that normally appears as a de novo mutation. However, once it manifests itself, it is the dominant gene. People affected with the condition have a 50% chance of spreading it to their offspring. It is one of the few severely crippling conditions that does not kill the afflicted person by the age of 18, while also not causing infertility.

However, it is one of the most painful conditions in the world. Drug treatment does little to stop it, and the conventional rodding surgeries do almost nothing to strengthen bones, they just make them straighter. By all accounts, broken bones are just as painful as in healthy children — and most kids only break one bone in their entire childhood, much less over one hundred.

Yet, multigenerational families exist. How can this be? I can only tell my personal history.

My mother has the same condition I do and gave birth to me via Caesarian section at the age of 38. She gave birth to my brother, who has the same condition, at the age of 40.

And the father? One Mr. David Brennan of Craryville, New York. A complete dead beat. A man so desperate for pussy he is currently fucking my former aide provided by the state, one Bibi Ougrah, despite the fact that she is post-menopausal, her hair is falling out and she is probably close to 300 pounds.

I don’t blame my parents for what happened, I instead blame the society that taught them that their actions were ethical.

My parents divorced when I was five, and in a case unusual for the court system in the feminist state of New York, due to my mother’s disability my father got sole custody. Thanks to state-sponsored welfare, he hardly had to do anything and got $1200 per month for the privilege of having crippled kids, plus a state sponsored nanny that he would later start sleeping with. He also cheated the IRS on top of this and did off the books mechanic work.

Upon seeing that his crippled children would never take out the garbage or even play a game of catch without breaking a bone, he promptly checked his children into the state foster care system when I was 14.

Conventional rodding surgery for fractures caused by osteogenesis imperfecta.

Now, six years later, I own a somewhat influential website called 8chan and have a decent life in the Philippines. Yet, I still hold fast to the belief that eugenics should never have been abandoned.

People who would use my relative success to argue against eugenics are very short-sighted. Other programmers who are provably much better than I were not born cripples, so preventing the birth of cripples will not cause there to be less programmers.

Others would simply dismiss this piece as the product of self-hate. However, those people are simply uneducated and do not know the meaning of the word “eugenics” and falsely equate it to German death camps. These uneducated people think that eugenics is a call to exterminate the disabled, but that is completely false and would not fix matters because of recessive genes and evasion by families.

Genetics used to be a lottery, but we know exactly how to stop a large amount of suffering in the world by preventing children with inheritable genetic conditions from being born using completely humane methods.

As a society, most of us seem to agree that people deserve medical care, and we are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars directly to the parents of disabled children who knew for a fact that their children would be crippled. We are also willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases millions of dollars indirectly in medical costs.

Simply offering people with debilitating, genetically dominant genetic diseases $100,000 cash each to undergo voluntary sterilization would be a libertarian, humane way to encourage genetic purity. Couples who both carry a recessive gene could be offered a smaller sum, like say $10,000, by genetic counselors.

To keep it legal, and prevent the system from becoming racist, the specific gene mutations that qualify could be enumerated now that we have the knowledge and technology to do so. I suggest we start with the ones that cause osteogenesis imperfecta: COL1A1 and COL1A2.

I hope you will not dismiss this article as the ravings of a neo-Nazi given the site it’s on. I could find no other publication which would publish this article, and I am far from a neo-Nazi. Sweden had a eugenics program until 1975, long after the defeat of the Nazis. Eugenics is a humanitarian idea, not a national socialist one.

I am simply asking for compassion from an ignorant society that falsely believes it is unethical to give genetically defective people incentives not to reproduce. I am simply arguing for a world full of healthy, happy children who can play outside with their friends without breaking their legs.


Fredrick Brennan, affectionately known by his minions as “Hotwheels,” is the founder and boss of 8chan, which is the best of all chans. He is a hardcore idealist supporter of the principles of free speech, and his site is an embodiment of this belief.