How to Discuss the Jewish Problem

Matt Parrot
July 25, 2014


An astute reader wrote me recently to ask why I don’t write about “the JQ” as much as I used to. He proposed that perhaps I have changed my position on it, or have settled on a less incendiary “angle”. Not really. I still believe that the organized Jewish community is the tail wagging the dog of Western decadence, the most mobilized and decisive factor in our degeneration.

I still believe the problem should be addressed and discussed, though I’ve come to the conclusion that a mere awareness of that problem, or any other problem is futile without the tribal cohesion and traditional virtues necessary to pose a unified and effective resistance. Being “correct” isn’t good enough, and–ultimately–nobody cares if you’re correct. The TradYouth project aims to mentor and support a generation of men and women who not only vividly perceive our problems, but have the crusading zeal and martyr’s spirit necessary to solve our problems.

Stop Using Euphemisms

There’s a temptation when performing outreach to persuadables, to speak in coded language about Jewish influence and control for fear of triggering a taboo and losing one’s audience altogether. Let others run those angles. Let David Icke lay it all out and blame it on space lizards. Let Glenn Beck lay it all out and blame it on “Progressives”. Let paleoconservative cowards lay it all out and blame it on “Cultural Marxism“. Let Leftists and Libertarians lay it all out and blame it on “Zionists”. We must distinguish ourselves by directly addressing the root causes of society’s ills in an honest and direct manner.

Leading our audience to believe we’re being targeted by an abstract -ism instead of a specific ethnic group of people with a historical grudge against our own people and faith isn’t clever; it’s dishonest and counter-productive. And if you can’t bring yourself to name the Jews, then at the very least feign uncertainty about the root cause. That way, the persuadable is left merely uninformed rather than misinformed. Depending on the persuadable’s attitude and aptitude, be prepared to hand him a copy of Culture of Critique, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Controversy of Zion, The Israel Lobby, or Jewish Supremacism.

We’re making an especially bold and taboo claim, here. So we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than most casual political discussions when it comes to confirming and supporting our debate position. Don’t indulge in unnecessary speculation, as there’s enough solid peer-reviewed data from respectable and esteemed researchers to firmly corroborate the organized Jewish community’s keystone role in subverting and perverting Western Civilization. Have a dozen or so copies of your preferred introductory book on hand and don’t hesitate to pass it out to anybody who seems curious and open-minded enough to welcome a challenge to their current worldview.


Don’t Exaggerate Jewish Power

As noted earlier, stating our case beyond what the evidence supports undermines our credibility. But there’s an additional and less obvious reason to refrain from getting carried away about the scope of Jewish Power: Most people have a self-serving rather than noble disposition. For every man who’s aware of and opposed to the Jewish campaign against European Christendom, there are at least a dozen men who are aware of and eager to facilitate it in order to advance their own personal interests. And of those men who are merely theoretically opposed to the campaign, not one in a dozen will take the grave social, economic, and physical risks which come with offering meaningful opposition.

There’s a brain teaser currently popular among geeks called “Roko’s Basilisk” that originated in a logic hobbyist forum called LessWrong which goes like this . . .

What if, in the future, a somewhat malevolent AI were to come about and punish those who did not do its bidding? What if there were a way (and I will explain how) for this AI to punish people today who are not helping it come into existence later? In that case, weren’t the readers of LessWrong right then being given the choice of either helping that evil AI come into existence or being condemned to suffer?

This triggered waves of genuine existential horror in some autistic Internet circles and will probably actually develop into a futurist secular religion of sorts in time as those fixated on the idle thought experiment begin networking and working together to avoid eternal punishment from the evil robot they’re intent on building. I make mention of this brain teaser because it fundamentally relies on an aspect of human nature which frequently escapes us in our more abstract and idealistic moments: We humans fear punishment so acutely that we’ll actually facilitate evil in order to avoid being punished by evil, fueling a vicious cycle.

If we make it out like “the Jews” fully control all of the world’s governments and wield an unchallenged control over the world’s information and resources, then we essentially present our audience with a contemporary edition of Roko’s Basilisk. Jewish Power becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, with those who despair of challenging it eventually deciding to facilitate it for fear of their omnipotent capacity to defeat them.

This is no mere hypothetical, and I know multiple closeted anti-semites who actively promote the Jewish cultural and political agenda on the pretext that since it cannot be stopped, the best one can do is infiltrate and support it while trying to nudge it in a less destructive direction. From time to time, we see evidence of the scope of this problem when various actors, academics, politicians, and other public figures snap and confirm that they wholeheartedly agree with us on the Jewish Question, . . . only to profusely apologize and scramble for cover from their enraged overlords.

Even if I thought Jews were well-nigh invincible, I would hesitate to confirm that; as doing so would only encourage defeatism. Fortunately, I don’t believe that. In fact, I believe that the global mega-trends which are shaping the 21st century are limiting the organized Jewish community’s ability to wield the centralized influence and control they enjoyed in the previous century. Whether it’s the banking industry, the film industry, the music industry, the journalism industry, the defense industry, or even the pornography industry, the democratization of technology, the neo-tribal splintering of our society into increasingly insular subcultures and communities, and the proliferation of authentically anonymous safe spaces on the Internet to disseminate the the truth and organize against lies are all limiting our oligarchs’ reach.

When you see a cross, then think of the horrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha
When you see a cross, then think of the horrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha.

Don’t Be a “Hater”

Never in all of Jewish history has a nation been more friendly, open, and accommodating of them than the United States has been since its very inception. This gullibility of ours has been consistently abused, with their spite for Christianity even extending to the denominations and movements within Christianity which actually worship the Jewish people as demigods and actually integrate Israeli foreign policy objectives into their theological teachings. Their hatred of European Americans is projected onto even the most harmless and supplicant White Americans, our historical institutions, and our symbols.

I apologize for indulging in elementary school recess politics, here. But, well . . . ‘They started it!’

As the recess monitor will aptly note, it doesn’t matter who started it. One can fully and effectively oppose the Jewish oligarchs without affecting a hateful countenance or disposition. Not only is it possible, but it’s more effective. Even if you’re correct, persuadables are hesitant to adopt a worldview which results in impotent frustration and pent-up rage. As well they should be, as hatred is more toxic to the self than it is to its purported targets.

The “happy warrior” in an age of Jewish domination does what he can to educate and inform people about the nature and scope of Jewish Power, and how it’s leveraged against our folk and faith. And he does it with good cheer, optimism for the future, and willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue with Jewish and pro-Jewish individuals and organizations. Optimism is contagious, and a man who’s allowed himself to be robbed of his virtues is poorer than the man who’s been robbed of his life’s savings.