Hungary: Jobbik Continues to Rise

Daily Stormer
December 13, 2014


Just like everywhere else in Europe, nationalism is rising in Hungary.

A recent poll released by Ipsos on Thursday shows that support for the ruling Fidesz party continues to drop while Jobbik rises.


Among all voters Fidesz lost 5 percentage points to stand at 25 percent while Jobbik gained one point to 14 percent, according to the poll conducted in early December. The opposition Socialists came third with 11 percent, unchanged from November. Green party LMP lost one point to stand at 3 percent while leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) added one point to stand also at 3 percent. Support for the Egyutt (Together) party went down one point to 1 percent, the poll showed.

Among decided voters, support for Fidesz dropped three points to 45 percent, whereas it went up three points for Jobbik to 24 percent. The Socialists in this group gained three points to stand at 18 percent, LMP stood at 5 percent, DK at 4 percent and Egyutt at 1 percent.

In number terms Fidesz has lost altogether 800,000 supporters over the last two months, the pollster said. Support for the governing party weakened in October among core supporters including mainly young people, middle-aged and middle-class voters, and in smaller towns. Voters moving away from the party last month were in lower social groups, the elderly and villagers, Ipsos said.

The proportion of voters who keep their distance from political parties further increased from 30 percent in October to 35 percent in November and 39 percent in December, it said.

Although Jobbik has been criticized for its weird views on Moslems, it is staunchly nationalist and Anti-Jew.

Hungarians seem to understand the Moslem problem less than Western Europeans, because they are not presently under a Moslem occupation.  However, they were for hundreds of years, and other Eastern Europeans (Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbians) tend to remember that period rather vividly.