If You Want a Picture of the Future, Imagine a Cop Kneeling on a Black Man and a White Woman (Wearing a Covid Mask) Forever

This is the picture summarizing this weekend’s protests:

It might seem a difficult image to parse. It’s not, actually. It’s very straightforward. But it’s psychologically difficult.

That is a fat white male cop kneeling on a black man and a white woman (presumably lovers – the negro appears to have been trying to protect her from the cops), who are being smashed together by him, while arresting them for peacefully protesting against the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

The more meaningful dimension of this is probably that we are all sitting here looking at the photo on the internet. Right-wing white men who oppose Israel are not at these protests. It is white women and brown people, with a few soy-goys thrown in, just like the BLM protests.

White men don’t organize politically, beyond voting for Donald Trump (who has no interest in their concerns). White men work and pay taxes to fund Israel and to fund these women and brown people at universities. We also fund the cops sent in to arrest the white women and brown people for protesting against Israel.

Looking at that image, I began to understand why there are right-wingers apparently going along with the Ben Shapiro narrative that whites shouldn’t support these protests.

For me, it’s so obvious that you would always support anyone that is protesting Israel that seeing people say things like “I’m not supporting these people” enraged me, and I just assumed anyone saying it was a Jewish shill. However, after staring at that picture for a bit, I am able to see the thing: this is all incredibly exhausting, and it’s easy to say “whatever.”

It’s understandable to be exhausted. I can sympathize with that, completely. What disgusts me is the attempts to rationalize that exhaustion with bullshit narratives about how you don’t support the protests because they are “anti-white.” The protests are not anti-white, they are anti-Israel, and frankly, anti-Jewish. “Yeah, but they think Jews are white” is just convoluted nonsense designed to deny the reality of what is happening. If you’re exhausted, and the whole absurd scene disgusts you, then just say that. It’s fine. Everyone can understand that. But don’t rationalize it with nonsense.

There is no rational narrative in which massive protests against Israel are not the best thing that has happened in my lifetime. I don’t care who is doing the protesting. No, there aren’t very many white men there. But there aren’t very many white men engaged in society on any level beyond work in the first place. Increasingly, white men are not even allowed to participate in the workforce (and thus we have pieces coming off of commercial airlines in the sky).

White men are beaten and broken. You all know that. It’s sad to say it, but it’s simply true. White men have largely bowed out of society.

We might frame it as a strategic retreat. I’m bullish on white men in the long term, and even in the medium term, but white men are not currently engaged. That’s just a fact.

Probably, some people feel a kind of jealousy towards these protesters, angry that they are not in a position to be involved in this sort of thing. This is not an adult view. It is a hyper-emotional view. The protests must be supported, because this is a path to actually normalizing the discussion of Jewish power in America.

There is no room for babylike emotions here. People need to be on the ball, they need to remember what is actually happening. We are seeing tens of thousands of people in the United States demand that the Jewish stranglehold on America be released.

There is a second argument: that these people are somehow not actually against Jews, but only arguing against the Jewish state in Palestine. This argument is also dumb, because the Jews themselves say that Israel is Jews and Jews are Israel. Every Jew (at least every Jew with any kind of voice in the system) is labeling these protests “antisemitic.” It’s not just Bibi Netanyahu. All American Jews with any kind of power are rallying against these protesters and claiming they are a threat to all Jewish Americans. They claim that saying you want Jews to stop occupying Palestine is indistinguishable from a call to murder all Jews.

Someone who claims that undermining Israel is somehow not undermining Jews in America lacks a basic understanding of the relationship between American Jewry and Israel. The Israeli project which took place after World War II happened at the same time Jews were beginning to solidify their control over the United States. Israel is not an independent state, nor do Israeli Jews control America. Israel is a project of American Jews, and this project is at the heart of international Jewish power.

Ultimately, there is not going to be a leftist overthrow of Jewish power, for the obvious reason that leftists support all of these Jewish programs – mass immigration, feminism, normalized homosexuality, international finance, global warming gibberish, forced diversity, and everything else. However, Israel is the cudgel with which the Jews beat right-wing Americans. You see this very clearly with all of these Republicans calling for the National Guard to be sent in to murder the protesters. They tell you it’s because this is like BLM. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Baltimore I want to sell you.

What we need is a large public conversation about the relationship between Jews and White America. This is a very abusive relationship. We are told we are evil, constantly, and then we are constantly called on to defend the Jews. We need this all out in the open. We need everyone to be discussing what is going on with these Jews, and what exactly the relationship is. It’s not particularly confusing. As I’ve spent more than a decade documenting on this site, more or less everything bad that happens in this country can be traced back to the Jews. The Jews are the problem and the reason Jews are able to get away with all of this is that the discussion has been shut down. You can’t talk about it.

We’re now entering into a new age, when we will be able to talk about it. The slaughters in Palestine have effectively nullified the Holocaust narrative, and these protests are putting a very fine point on that. Israel has existed for 80 years, and Americans have never been in the streets protesting against it. Now they are.

We are in the throes of a transformation, which must take place. America is not going to be the timid Holocaust-respecting society it once was in the last century. White sluts and their negro boyfriends are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for America to make. They are now going into a counter-semitic mode and white sluts and their negro boyfriends will be resented because of their leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, America will not survive.

The protesters themselves, as individuals, are completely irrelevant. That has nothing to do with anything, and if you’re focusing on that, you’re just an emotional little baby. What we want, as white men opposed to the Jewish control of our country, is to maximize the chaos and noise around this issue. These white women and their negro boyfriends, the immigrants and whoever else is involved in these (some soy-goys who actually are white men are involved too – we can save them, right?)

There are also polite Asian women.

(I’d like to drop a two ton bomb on her hospital, if you catch my drift.)

These protests are simply a means to an end. The end – which is what everyone needs to focus on – is the whole thing reaching a tipping point, where the fear of discussing the overwhelming dominance of the Jews in America is no longer taboo.

The fact that the Jews are responding to these protests with maximum force is somewhat inexplicable, but also very predictable. AIPAC is telling the Republicans to send in the National Guard, to just kill them.

How can anyone explain this, within the paradigm we’ve been sold?

How can anyone explain why these people have little to no interest in the border, and yet call for the military to attack Americans whose politics they disagree with?

We have to be able to talk about this issue, without fear of financial, social, and legal consequences. These protests are a battering ram, smashing against the Jewish wall of silence. The individuals don’t understand the weight of what they’re doing. They feel sad about the scenes of absolute hell we are seeing in Gaza (as any human with a soul does, frankly). I’m sure that 90% of them support the rest of the Jewish policies in America. But that is simply irrelevant, and it is a non sequitur. The only thing that matters is that they are breaking through the silence. I would add that the cops are also doing us a great service by attacking these protesters in these bizarre scenes of brutality.

No one can even explain how it is legal to arrest people who are peacefully protesting at public universities. The private universities can claim trespassing, but public universities are public land. This appears to be the mask coming off of the idea that we have rights in this country, with the government not even needing to offer an explanation as to how they are doing this in a country where we have an explicit right to peacefully organize in public spaces. (This appears to be an upping of the ante of abject tyranny, which is a topic that needs to be addressed at greater length, as I believe this new standard of “we can use police force without even a pretext of legal validity” is sure to be applied across the board going forward.)

Anyone can see that this is, aesthetically, very similar to BLM, save for the fact that the protesters are not violent.

Where were the Republicans during the BLM riots?

Well, Mike Johnson, who last week went to Columbia to threaten to send the military to kill pro-Palestine protesters, was on television talking about the abuses of blacks.

He called for “transformative solutions for systematic change” in response to the BLM protests.

Nikki Haley, the Indian Republican who is possibly the most deranged and fanatical Israel Firster in American politics, told whites that they needed to “feel personal pain” over George Floyd.

This staggering dichotomy between the responses to two protest movements is an astonishing realization for anyone, whether left or right. It’s certainly a point from which we can begin one of many discussions about just what the hell is going on in this country.

No one can deny that America is controlled by the Jews, and that these Jews have a very hostile agenda against the American people. No one could deny it before this, really, not if they were willing to engage the facts. But they were not willing to engage the facts. People would just shut down. We’ve all seen it. We were all shocked when we first encountered it. Believe it or not, I experienced this way back when. I couldn’t just go to the Daily Stormer and find the facts about the Jews. I had to figure this all out manually (I will always credit the hacker 4chan as a big helper here, but it was still a lot of work). I found the facts of the matter, and started sharing them with people around me, and it was like something out of the Twilight Zone, the way people would either completely shut off or start attacking me. No one was interested in any of the facts, which I could very easily prove. You’ve all seen this. This is the core problem, and the protests (and the way the participants are being brutalized) is a massive step towards overcoming this problem, and opening up the issue for discussion.

The discussion is all that we need. Once the discussion is had, absolutely no one in America (who isn’t Jewish) will consent to this relationship. Right-wingers will be against the entire thing, and while leftists will say we should still have gays and feminism and global warming gibberish, they will say black people should be in charge of it. (If blacks are in charge of it, they will not do a very good job of pushing the Jewish agenda.)

If Jews are subjected to any form of scrutiny whatsoever, the entire Jewish project will collapse. The idea that black people and white women could keep this going without the Jews puppeteering the whole thing is absurd, and anyone who says this is ridiculous. They are stupid or lying. This is no different than expecting the blacks of Rhodesia to keep the white system going after removing whites from power. (Think long on that analogy.)

It’s unclear where the protests will go. The best case scenario is that the National Guard is sent in and kills college kids, and this leads to a nationwide student strike, with walkouts in universities and high schools, along with nationwide demonstrations in places outside of the schooling system. What is clear is that it is not simply going to go away. The government is now focused on using deadly force, and this is really the best path for what I want to see. (They should have just ignored it. Put a media blackout on it. That would have been the logical thing. But these Jews are extremely emotional.)

Finally, I want to say: it is evil that the Jews have empowered women. It’s evil that they told the blacks to go buckwild. It’s evil that they’ve brought all of these immigrants into our countries. But God turns the plans of the wicked to good.

That’s what’s happening with the organization of the former BLM people into an anti-Israel army: God has turned something evil into something good. It’s a straightforward matter, for anyone willing to look at it.

My message to you, my dear friend, is simple: be an adult. Don’t get emotional. Focus on the end goal, which is the ultimate end to the Jewish domination of America and the Western world as a whole.

This can happen.

You will live to see a better future.

Chin up.