In Kenya, Gang-Rapists Who Buried Girl Alive are Punished with Lawn-Mowing Duty

Daily Stormer
October 27, 2013

I think this story goes a long way in illustrating a very important point I have been trying to make on this site: black people have a totally different conception of rape than White European peoples – they really don’t view it as a very big deal. When they run their own legal systems, they treat it as a lesser crime than vandalism.

It seems that the punishment had more to do with burying the girl alive than the rape itself.

From CNN:

Outraged Kenyans are demanding justice for a teenage girl who was allegedly gang-raped, dumped in a sewage ditch, and left for dead.

Her alleged attackers were ordered to cut grass at the police station as punishment, then later freed, local rights groups said.

The 16-year-old was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral in Busia town when the attack occurred.

After the alleged rape, the six men reportedly buried her in the 20-foot latrine. Neighbors heard her cries for help hours later and pulled her out, bloody and by then unconscious, according to Kenya’s Daily Nation, which broke the story.

She identified three of her attackers, and neighbors hauled them off to the local police station, the paper said.

Police ordered the suspects to cut grass in the yard, then released them shortly after, according to the newspaper, which is spearheading a fund-raiser to help meet the medical bills for the teen, who’s been nicknamed Liz.


“This is yet another example of blatant impunity and repeated noncompliance by the police and other government authorities. Rape and other gender crimes have consistently been treated as lesser crimes — this is unacceptable,” Kenya’s Coalition on Violence Against Women said in a statement.


The girl has had to use a wheelchair since the attack, according to the Daily Nation newspaper. She’s also suffering from a condition that makes her unable to control her bowels as a result of the rape.