Ireland: Over 10,000 People Protest Baby-Killing in Dublin

Forcing mass immigration and gayness and abortion and everything else on Ireland so fast was probably not the best idea.

Obviously, the Western intelligence services have the ability to organize huge mobs of women and homosexuals to rapidly force these kinds of agendas, but just because they have that ability, doesn’t mean they should use it, or that there will not be massive blowback.

In Ireland, we might witness the blowback.

Irish Times:

The more than 10,000 abortions recorded last year is a “national scandal”, Independent TD Carol Nolan told the annual Rally for Life in Dublin on Saturday.

The Laois-Offaly deputy was referring to figures recently published by the Department of Health showing the number of terminations of pregnancy last year (10,033) was significantly up on the total for 2022 (8,156).

She said the increase was “a national scandal, an absolute scandal” and called for a taskforce to be established to tackle “these soaring abortion rates”.

The founder of the Life Institute, Niamh Uí Bhriain, told the rally that those who opposed abortion may have lost the 2018 referendum but their numbers were growing.

“A staggering 74 per cent of people ignored the media, ignored the political establishment, ignored the radically out of touch NGO’s [non-governmental organisations], to reject a referendum that we were told was going to pass easily.”

The rally followed a march from Parnell Square down O’Connell Street with people carrying anti-abortion and religious banners and others supporting Aontú and the National Party. There marchers were of all ages and included a number of people carrying Brazilian flags.

When the march, which stretched almost the length of O’Connell Street, was passing the GPO, a small number of protesters – mainly young women – from People Before Profit, the Rosa socialist feminist organisation, and people carrying a banner for Trans and Intersex Pride, shouted counter slogans.

A number of members of the Garda public order unit stood between the marchers on the street and the counter-protesters standing on the meridian, which included four women wearing black cloaks with their breasts exposed.

The fifth annual report on the Health (Regulation of Termination in Pregnancy) Act 2018, published in June, recorded that of the 10,033 terminations last year, the vast majority were in early pregnancy. There were 21 terminations carried out due to a risk to the life or health of the mother, seven due to risk in an emergency situation, and 129 due to a fatal foetal anomaly.

Look, in Ireland, you’ve even got women out there protesting against abortion.

Then, you have the abortion women… who are open satanists.

Ireland is still a conservative Catholic country.

That doesn’t just disappear overnight.

Pray for blowback.