Irrelevant America: After Meeting Putin, Orban Meets Xi

Why won’t Tucker Carlson explain why his hero Victor Orban is besties with Xi?

Tucker has defended Nixon a lot.

What were Nixon’s opinions on Peking?


Chinese President Xi Jinping has held a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is in Beijing on what he has dubbed a “peacekeeping mission,” Xinhua reported on Monday morning.

“China is a key power in creating the conditions for peace in the Russia-Ukraine war. This is why I came to meet with President Xi in Beijing, just two months after his official visit to Budapest,” Orban wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Details of the meeting have yet to be revealed, but it follows Orban’s trips to Kiev and Moscow last week. The Hungarian prime minister called the Beijing trip a “peace mission 3.0” upon his arrival.

Orban embarked on an unannounced trip to Kiev last Tuesday, where he proposed a “quick ceasefire” to Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. Orban then traveled to Moscow to discuss the “shortest way out” of the conflict with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow’s and Kiev’s positions remain very “far apart,” according to the Hungarian leader, who noted that Zelensky “didn’t like” his proposals. Meanwhile, Putin reiterated Moscow’s readiness to resolve the hostilities through negotiations, but said the Ukrainian leadership appears committed to waging war “until the end.”

Here’s the deal: the American Empire is dead.

It’s over.

Sino-Futurism is already here.

Tucker Carlson needs to go to China. He needs to interview Xi. He will probably do it. Maybe not. But he can go to China and see what is going on.

He should also go see what is going on in our sacred democracy of Taiwan, that is run by women and everyone is getting fucked up the asshole.

Here’s my deal: I’m with anyone not flying the anal flag. I’m against anyone flying the anal flag.

This is the symbol of Satan.

God says that sodomy is one of four sins that cries out to heaven for vengeance, and that is why the rainbow (with this new triangle bullshit) is the symbol of the American Empire.

America is the Great Satan.

The Chinese?

They just want to make money.

They have no diabolical plans.

If Tucker Carlson wants to spew some stupid bullshit about how “oh we should separate Russia from China so we can defeat the Chinese” – this is not real life.

What are we going to defeat? High quality products at reasonable prices? What for? Who is against that?

The idea that Chinese are forcing Islamic terrorists to play Squid Game is retarded, and even if they are, who cares? They’re not going to invade America. Why would they do that? Do you have any idea how much money that would cost?

And what would be the purpose?

It’s dumb. This shit is dumb. China is fine. They don’t fuck with people like the Americans do. They just want to sell products.

The only reason America wants war is that they can’t compete with China economically. Period.

Is Tucker Carlson that stupid? This isn’t complicated. Yes, Chinese people have small eyes. That is true. It doesn’t mean they are evil.

Sino-Futurism is the only future.

People are just going to have to deal with it.

Orban’s Peace Mission

I don’t think he’s on a peace mission.

Peace is great and all, but he’s not dumb enough to think he can solve the Ukraine war.

He’s on an “exit strategy” mission.

The EU is telling him he has to do ultra-gay-asshole and infinity niggers, because that is the American policy.

He wants out.

Godspeed, my glorious fat friend.

Note: If you want some diet advice, hmu. I’m really good at that shit.