ISIS Agent Executed for Giving AIDS to a Teen Sex Slave

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2015


You know, sometimes it feels like ISIS stories are just whatever goofy stuff the person telling them can think up.

Daily Mail:

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally executed an Aids-infected jihadi after he was accused of knowingly passing on the illness to at least one other terrorist via donated blood.

The unnamed Indonesian blood donor is understood to have sparked panic among ISIS fighters based in Shaddadi, south Hasaka province, when it emerged he was suffering from Aids.

Positive tests on a Egyptian jihadi who received infected blood, his 15-year-old Yazidi sex slave, and at least two Saudi nationals who also raped the girl, proved the illness has already spread and there are now claims at least one of the terror group’s local commanders may also be infected.

The case came to light when a 30-year-old Egyptian jihadi and his 15-year-old ‘very afraid and pale’ Yazidi sex slave were taken to a doctor’s surgery suffering from a mysterious illness.Medical tests proved the pair were both infected with Aids, with the jihadi understood to have contracted the illness from blood donated by an Indonesian fighter.

An investigation into the Indonesian’s medical background revealed he was already aware that he was suffering from Aids before joining ISIS in Syria last September, according to the local activist group Sound And Picture.

As a result the jihadi was sentenced to death on charges of knowingly ‘harming’ ISIS members by volunteering to donate his blood to injured fighters.

Another investigation focussed on all the other ISIS fighters who had raped the helpless Yazidi sex slave and identified at least two Saudi nationals who were also infected with the illness.

The investigation and medical examinations were halted shortly afterwards, however, when it emerged that a senior ISIS ’emir’ or commander had also raped the girl. It was never made clear whether his attack on her took place before or after she was infected with Aids.

I don’t really think there is any way this story is true, because you have to have been infected with the disease at least six months before it is testable. If he joined last September, I guess the timeline could technically make sense, but it would be rather tight, and you don’t get symptoms for at least a couple of years, so why were they even getting tested for AIDS?

What is this “local activist group” that is reporting all of this?

This is their “About Us“:

Sound and Picture project :

We are a group of Syrian human rights activists.

We noticed the lack of bodies which document abuses against civilians inside Syria, therefore we decided to establish this project, it is specialized to document the violations which have committed by all sides in the ongoing conflict in Syria against civilians in a professional way.

The project is documenting all kinds of violations, and working on the accounting for the groups which committed these violations by the international community.

The project is completely independent, and does not follow any political or military bodies, whether inside or outside Syria.

Why is such a group being given access to ISIS AIDS tests?

The whole thing seems dumb. More than likely, “Sound and Picture” is a bunch of Nigerians posting goofy stories from their huts in Africa and in turn getting money wired to them by the UN for their alleged activism.

As a side, have you guys seen the theory claiming AIDS is a hoax?

The basic idea is that it is just GRIDS (Gay-related immunodeficiency syndrome) which was most likely caused by all the drugs homos do and various other normal STDs which they all have. The only people besides homos getting the disease are IV drug users – who have lowered immune systems due to IV drug use – and Africans – who get all types of different deadly diseases because they live in filth.

They’ve then blamed it all on a retrovirus which may or may not actually even exist and there is so much money and politics involved now that no one can even research it.

Anyway, interesting to think about.

Here’s a documentary about the theory.