ISIS is Killing Hamas’ Dudes

Daily Stormer
June 2, 2015

Is ISIS run by Jew tools, retards or retarded Jew tools?
Is ISIS run by Jew tools, retards or retarded Jew tools?

ISIS definitely seems to be very fixated on fighting the enemies of Israel.

It’s… intriguing.

Aretz Shiva:

A group that is operating in Gaza and which says it is associated with ISIS has claimed that it killed a top Hamas commander. According to the group, which calls itself the Army of the Islamic State, Saber Siam was killed when ISIS operatives placed a bomb on his car, blowing it up with him inside.

Siam was killed, the group said, because he was “a partner in a declared war against religion and against Muslims, working for the heretical government in Gaza.” ISIS warned Hamas to immediately “end its war against religion in Gaza” or “face the consequences.”

The group also sent out warnings on social media to Gaza residents to stay away from Hamas offices and buildings, lest they find themselves swept up in attacks against the group.

It was not possible to verify whether the group was associated with ISIS, or whether it even actually exists. However, Israeli sources confirmed that Hamas has been conducting actions against a group of Salafist rebels it accuses of trying to take over Gaza.

Yeah, but then again, what if Hamas is controlled by the Jews and ISIS is trying to take over Gaza so they can kill Jews?

But they haven’t killed any Jews hardly at all, and they seem to have largely stopped even talking about it.