Israel Says They Can’t Commit Genocide Because the Only Genocide is the “Holocaust”

Well, first off, “The Holocaust” did not happen. It was a complete hoax. These lying Jews show you a pile of old shoes and say it means six trillion of them were gassed to death in fake shower rooms with wooden doors.

Do you believe that?

I don’t.

What the Jews are doing right now in Gaza is the first actual, legitimate genocide, in that they are attempting to exterminate an entire race of people. Maybe this happened some time in ancient history, but nothing like this has happened in thousands of years.


Israel defended the military necessity of its Gaza offensive on Friday at the International Court of Justice and asked judges to throw out a request by South Africa to order it to halt operations in Rafah and withdraw from the Palestinian territory.

Israeli Justice Ministry official Gilad Noam called South Africa’s case, which accuses Israel of violating the Genocide Convention, “completely divorced from facts and circumstances”.

(The case) makes a mockery of the heinous charge of genocide,” Noam said. He called it “an obscene exploitation of the most sacred convention,” referring to the international treaty banning genocide, agreed after the Holocaust of European Jews in World War Two.

The convention requires all countries to act to prevent genocide, and the ICJ, also known as the World Court, which hears disputes between states, has concluded that this gives South Africa a right to make the case.

A woman who yelled “liars!” during Israel’s presentation was removed by security guards, a rare protest in the “Great Hall of Justice” courtroom in The Hague.

There is a tragic war going on, but there is no genocide” in Gaza, Noam said.

“The Holocaust” needs to be put on trial.

These Jews are claiming, shamelessly, that because of this so-called “Holocaust” (pile of shoes), they have a right to just slaughter whoever they want. Every single time you start complaining about these Jews murdering all these babies, they say “HOLOCAUST.”

This wouldn’t be valid even if the Holocaust was real, but it wasn’t real. It was a big hoax.

We need to push people into questioning this Holocaust. Hitler was a very nice person, a very sensitive artist, and he wouldn’t kill anyone. This is a stupid lie. There is no evidence. Where are the mass graves? This is the biggest lie in history. Well, maybe the coronavirus is the biggest lie, or maybe global warming, but it’s in the top three for sure.

Why is there no evidence for this hoax?

Watch this video:

Then tell me you believe the official story.

This whole thing is a gigantic scam.

The Nazis were the good guys. Maybe some bad things happened, because it was a war, but the Nazis fought the most just war of any modern war, and they were fighting to protect Christendom from the sickening Christ-killing Jews.

Tell me if the Nazis had won we would have child trannies and mass immigration. You can’t tell me that.

The Nazis were the good guys and they did not do a Holocaust.

They should have done a Holocaust, frankly. There isn’t really any justification for not simply slaughtering the Jews. It’s just not reasonable to say something like “the Jews don’t deserve to be slaughtered.” Obviously they do. At least, millions of them do. Maybe there are some good ones, I don’t know, but that isn’t really my problem. My problem is that there are millions of them that are destroying everything and they need to be either isolated totally or simply obliterated.