Israeli Jews Whine About US College Students – “We Didn’t Know So Many People Hated Israel”

The Guardian is just interviewing random Jews in public places in Israel and finding that they are all obsessed with these campus protests.

This isn’t the most reliable news source, but neither is it the least reliable, and this rings true.

The Guardian:

At the Jerusalem theatre on Thursday night, concertgoers and staff expressed a mixture of anger, sadness and defiance as weeks of pro-Palestinian protests across dozens of US college campuses reached a tumultuous climax 6,000 miles away.

The noisy demonstrations have been closely followed in Israel, reported by major media and discussed by prominent public figures.

Idan Degani, a security guard at the theatre, said many in Israel viewed the protests with confusion and anxiety, seeing them as an attack on the country and not just its government.

Your government is saying it’s an attack on all Jews in the world, actually.

But yeah, if 90+% of Israelis support the Gaza campaign, it’s definitely an attack on all of those people.

We didn’t know so many people hated Israel. I don’t think these young people know a lot about Israel or about the conflict. I think the older people do, but not this younger generation,” the 28-year-old said, as he watched late arrivals hurry for a programme of Haydn and Schubert. “I certainly don’t think it will change how anyone here sees the war.”

Such feelings appear widespread among the Jewish majority in Israel, seven months after war was triggered by surprise attacks launched by Hamas into the south of the country in which about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed and 250 taken hostage.

We thought we understood how much hate there was out there. I mean, I’m a child of Holocaust survivors, but it’s still such a shock. It makes it unbelievably real,” said Danae Marx, a public relations specialist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yes, you’re right.

This is like the Holocaust, basically exactly.

Many are deeply critical of the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the far-right ministers in his coalition government, but Jewish Israelis interviewed by the Guardian this week blame outrage overseas on misinformation, ignorance, historical hostility from international institutions such as the UN, global “double standards” and entrenched antisemitism.

“At the beginning people took these demonstrations pretty lightly … but now they are seen as evidence of how the progressive camp in liberal democracies can take over the public agenda and use it to attack Israel or whatever Israel does,” said Prof Tamar Hermann, a political scientist at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem.

So does that mean Jews have to silence everyone that disagrees with them?

That appears to be what it means.

“People see that [protesters] put all Israelis in the same basket and [there is] so much false information that even opponents of the [current Israeli] government can’t accept it. They are united in their resentment of these protests abroad.”

More than 34,600 people have died in Gaza in the Israeli military offensive, mostly women and children, according to local health authorities. The offensive has laid waste to much of the territory and caused an acute humanitarian crisis, threatening famine. The international court of justice called on Israel in January to act to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza and allow aid into the territory.

Many in Israel have attributed the accusation of genocide to antisemitism and see the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as a call for the destruction of Israel. Protesters have repeatedly denied the charge of using hate speech.

At the Jerusalem theatre, many concertgoers described the current war as one of many that Israel would have to fight over coming decades.

Jews are stupid … For hundreds of years it’s been like this and we always think it will get better but it never does,” said Joseph Avi Cohen, a retired bank manager. “We need to be stronger. We need to fight back. It’s in the Bible. If someone hits you, you hit them back, twice as hard, 10 times as hard.”

Jews are stupid, I can agree with that.

But maybe the reason you’ve been attacked for hundreds of years by disparate peoples all over the world is related to your own behavior, not the behavior of everyone else on earth?

In terms of hitting back 10 times as hard… there are a lot more than 10 times as many goyim as there are Jews. And you Jews are putting yourselves in that old place where everyone in the whole world is against you.