Italy Says It’s Done Housing Invading Hordes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2015

The Merkel Stratagem
The Merkel Stratagem

I guess I’ll believe this when I see it.

Italy seems completely obsessed with destroying Europe.


Heartened by recent election successes by an anti-immigrant party, Italian politicians based in the north vowed Sunday not to shelter any more migrants saved at sea, even as hundreds more were being rescued in the Mediterranean from smugglers’ boats in distress.

After nearly 3,500 migrants were rescued in a single day Saturday by an array of European military vessels, well over 1,000 more were being plucked to safety from at least 14 boats that ran into difficulty Sunday shortly after smugglers set off with them from Libyan shores, said a U.N. refugee agency official, Federico Fossi. Two German military ships brought a total of some 1,400 people to Sicilian ports Sunday, a day after they were rescued.

Mayors of Sicilian and other southern towns have warned for months they’ve run out of room for migrants, and thousands of the rescued are being resettled in shelters in central and northern Italy while their asylum requests are processed. The migrants flee poverty, persecution and war in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We’re making progress. They’re now using the word “poverty” and no longer claiming the issue is “persecution in Libya.” Well, some articles still are saying that – The Guardian for sure – but the truth is slowly manifesting itself as the journalists themselves appear to be seeing how ridiculous it is to say these people who came to Libya to take a boat to Europe must flee Libya by taking a boat to Europe.

Merkel is still pushing the hardline of escaping Libya though.

You sickening Italian racists.  All these people want is their entire lives to be paid for by you and your children.
You sickening Italian racists. All these people want is their entire lives to be paid for by you and your children.

Apparently, Italy’s decision to announce that they were going to try and chill was influenced by the recent claims from Britain that half a million monkeys are waiting to get in.

What isn’t clear is how they are going to stop housing them while they are still picking them up out of the water and bringing them into their country.  There are already enough of them on the streets in every Italian city.Let’s just #SinkTheBoats already.