Japan: Gamers’ Petition to Get Blacked Assassin’s Creed Canceled Goes Over 50K

How does Ubisoft have the nerve to do a literal black samurai?

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Dot Esports:

Controversy isn’t leaving Ubisoft’s back as the petition to cancel Assassin’s Creed Shadows is growing stronger with over 50,000 signatures.

This petition at Change.org (translated by Google) charges Assassin’s Creed Shadows for “cultural disrespect” over its black Samurai co-protagonist Yasuke. It goes so far as to paint it as “a serious insult to Japanese culture and history” and prophesies that the game “can lead to racism in Asia.”

“The game is based on Japanese samurai and ignores the fact that samurai were a higher class of warrior class and should have been “gokenin” or servants of nobles. In fact, the first European to receive the title of samurai, William Adams (Miura Anjin), served Tokugawa Ieyasu as a 250 koku hatamoto,” petitioner Shimizu Toru says. “In such history, Ubisoft continues to misunderstand the essence and role of samurai.”

With its next goal of 75,000 signatures, the petition urges “Ubisoft to immediately cancel the release of Assassin’s Creed Shadows and show sincere research and respect for Japanese history and culture.”

As we know from AC Shadow’s trailers and marketing campaign so far, the game will be featuring dual protagonists—Naoe, a shinobi, and Yasuke, a samurai—with the latter being the first real historical figure that players will be able to play as.

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