Je Suis Zeon: French Cartoonist Arrested for Anti-Zionist Drawings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2015

Haha, nice one, guys.
Wow, so questioning of established social norms!
    Wow, such free expression!
Wow, such free expression!
Oh... you must go to prison.
Oh… you must go to prison.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” -George Orwell, Animal Farm

In France, the most important of all values is that of freedom of speech. On January 7, 2015, Moslems attacked the headquarters of a satire newspaper and killed 11 people over cartoons they’d drawn.

Following these attacks on Charlie Hebdo, millions of French people poured into the streets to protest Moslems trying to silence their free speech, using the saying “I am Charlie” to tell the whole world they stand with the rights of cartoonists to make cartoons which may be offensive to minority groups.

By saying “I am Charlie,” the French people were saying “if you want to kill people over cartoons, then come kill me too, because I stand with the rights of people to make offensive cartoons.”

Literally millions of people.
Literally millions of people.

This is a universal principle. The principle of free speech. And it is sacred.

The only exception is if the cartoons hurt Jews’ feelings. In that case, the cartoonist must go to prison.

There is a perfectly logical explanation for this: they are the chosen people. Plus, Hitler, gas chambers, lampshades and whatever.

Egalite & Reconciliation:

The cartoonist Zeon was picked-up Tuesday morning at the crack of Backgammon by four police officers of the Brigade of Repression of Delinquent People (BRDP).

At 7AM, four police officers woke the cartoonist to take him before the judge in the High Court Instance of Paris. A complaint appears to have been filed by the BNVCA (National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism).

The complaint seems to refer to a drawing – for which Zeon had already been released last year by the 17th chamber – representing a balance and unbalanced weight of several historical crimes, and also for another drawing, which was not retained by the prosecutor at the previous trial, representing a Palestinian child stabbed by a Israel-shaped knife.

The judge has indicted the cartoonist on incitement to racial, religious hatred, by speech, writing, picture or means of electronic communication. Zeon refused to answer his questions. He was set free in late morning.

Quick Reminder on the BNVCA

The National Bureau of Vigilance against Racism and Anti-Semitism was founded by the Commissioner of Police Sammy Ghozlan in March 2002 with Union support of Jewish bosses of France and the Word and Light Association (offshoot of the Simon Center Wiesenthal).

According to the BNVCA site itself, this organization has a unique community privilege to make complaints about “anti-Semitic aggression.”

Sorry, but how is this even really happening in real life?

Was not the entire stated purpose of the Charlie Hebdo demonstrations to support the freedom to offend through speech, specifically with cartoons?

Of course, Jews don’t have to shoot you up, because they have the ability to use the state to silence you. If Moslems had that ability, they wouldn’t shoot you up, they would do the same thing the Jews do, and have you arrested by the police.

Terrorism is an act of control by the powerless.  The powerful use the cops.
Terrorism is an act of control by the powerless. The powerful use the cops.

Personally, I believe the protests had more to do with White solidarity against Islam than with free speech, and it just so happened that the people didn’t feel comfortable saying that – probably didn’t feel comfortable even thinking it – and so claimed it related to free speech.

What is so nutty is that Jews claim they have a right to silence speech against them because it could lead to violence. Meanwhile, the anti-Moslem cartoons have been demonstrated to lead to violence, yet the allied governments of the world went to Paris to stand up for the right of people to make these cartoons which do – beyond any shadow of a doubt – incite violence.

Seriously.  All of these leaders marched for freedom of speech at the same time people were being arrested for hurting Jews' feelings.  This actually happened.
Seriously. All of these leaders marched for freedom of speech at the same time people were being arrested for hurting Jews’ feelings. This actually happened.

As the reader is aware, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was arrested for internet comments seen as disrespectful to Jews directly following the Charlie attacks. Nearly a hundred others were arrested during this same period for speech crime, most of it relating to Jew feelings.

Generally, the Jews attempt to share their privileged status with their pet hordes, and so disguise the fact that they are the ones who created this privilege, to use it for their own purposes. However, in France they have now made it blatantly obvious that they have a special position above the rest of society.

The time is coming when this will no longer be okay in the minds of the people.