Jewish Terrorist Forces in the Ukraine Fire into Russia Again

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2014

The Ukraine, just like Palestine, is getting Jewed.
The Ukraine, just like Palestine, is getting Jewed.
The level of restraint being shown by Russia continues to shock.

Last week, a mine round launched by Ukrianians exploded at the border, and last month, shells exploded in the Russian city of Donetsk in Rostov, killing one person and injuring two.

Now they’re firing into Russia again.

RIA Novosti:

The Russian border control has registered about 15 munition explosions, which came from the Ukrainian side, a spokesman for the Rostov Region’s Federal Security Service told RIA Novosti on Sunday.

«This time, the munitions flew 500 meters [1,640 feet] beyond the border and blew up just 300 meters [984 feet] away from a town,” Vasily Malayev said, adding that the explosions took place near the Cossack village of Mityakinskaya.

Malayev said there were no injuries among the border guards or local residents.

The Russian-Ukrainian border has been hit multiple times by Ukrainian artillery in the nearly four-months-long standoff between Ukraine’s national troops and independence supporters, refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the new government in the country’s southeast.

Russia’s Rostov Region borders Ukraine’s eastern regions. One person has been killed and nine injured on the Russian territory as a result of Ukrainian shelling since the military operation in southeastern Ukraine began, the regional government reported on July 30.

Ukrainians might be trying to provoke a border conflict inside of Russia, so as they could demand NATO intervention, or they might just be a bunch of drunken retards. Either way, props go to Putin for remaining composed.

If I was the Czar of Russia, I totally would have just nuked Kiev six months ago.